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Review: Is Russel Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool Worth It?

This is not our first rodeo, and if you want to know if Russel by Essential Home is really worth it, keep reading!

Inspired by the sleek and simple lines of mid-century modern design, Russel by Essential Home is one of the brand’s most requested bar stools. And just like we did with Collins, and Kelly bar chairs, today we are scanning this mid-century modern bar stool and letting you know if this is the perfect choice for your next project. What do you think? Is it?

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Review- Is Russel Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool Worth It_1

This is Russel, a mid-century modern counter stool designed by the Portuguese brand Essential Home. A part of a wider collection of upholstered furniture items, with a pairing dining chair, armchair and sofa, Russel will most likely first strike you thanks to its polished brass base, which definitely does not go unnoticed.


Review- Is Russel Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool Worth It_1

Because we all love bar stools with backs for a better and more comfortable support, Essential Home thought Russel to have a swiveling seat upholstered in leather, as you can see on the photos above and below. The standard finish is a rich white leather, BUT remember that you can always choose the fabric and color that will look better in your project!

Review- Is Russel Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool Worth It_1

During our tour to Essential Home’s production site, we got to try Russel and see if this upholstered bar stool really stood its ground. Well… it did. It’s as comfortable as it gets, the foot rest adds to the experience, creating a comfortable and upright position. We can easily imagine being in a high end restaurant waiting for our table, sipping a nice cocktail on Russel bar chair.

…but what about details?

Review- Is Russel Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool Worth It_1

Well, let’s get to it. Russel’s leather is actually sewn by hand by Essential Home’s seamstresses, so you will find that the stitches are perfectly sewn and there is not one chair like the other, making all of them unique. We found the stitches to be delicate and quickly realized they add something special to the design.


Review- Is Russel Mid-Century Modern Bar Stool Worth It_1

As for the base you can see how the brass is polished to get that mirrored look, as opposed to the foot rest, which is actually brushed brass, as to create the optimal experience and ensure the brass will not get scratched over the time.

All in all, would we buy this chair? Yes, but we would rather see it used in a hospitality context, as we find this particular mid-century bar stool would be too much of a statement for a normal mid-century home.

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