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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

1stdibs: The Platform To Find The Best Antiques And Luxury Products

Looking for amazing luxury and vintage products? 1stdibs is the place to find them.

Considered the world’s leading online marketplace for the most luxurious and beautiful things on Earth, 1stdibs is your new go-to platform if you’re looking for an antique or a vintage or luxury product. 1stdibs really lives up to its reputation, a platform that you’ll be sure to want to add to your favorites in just 5 seconds of browsing it.

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1stdibs‘ goals was not an easy one to achieve, but it was done spectacularly well over the years of the platform’s existence, making this a first choice for many

They connect the world’s best dealers, finest shops and most important galleries with the world’s most sophisticated collectors, designers and curators. And you could be one of them, purchasing antiques, whether it’s furniture, jewelry or even fashion and art. You’ll find everything at 1stdibs!

“With 1stdibs, the doors of the world’s finest antique shops are always open.”
-Kelly Wearstler

1stdibs: The Platform To Find The Best Antiques And Luxury Products

It was in 2001 that a young, passionate, luxury real estate dealer, Michael Bruno, visited the historic Paris Marché aux Puces and found items of such beauty and authenticity that he was moved to purchase several for his own collection. Not being able to keep this secret and a new idea to himself, he created a website: 1stdibs, that grew to become the premier online luxury marketplace.

With 100 new items being posted per week by the end of the 2001, the first year of the website, this platform quickly grew, getting partnerships and more clients as years went by, including high-quality brands that sell their antique pieces, be it furniture, fashion, jewelry and others. As a platform that became the global destination for those who must have ‘first dibs’ on treasures — from around the world — that would otherwise be inaccessible, it’s no surprise that every collector, designer and curator holds 1stdibs so high in their consideration.

1stdibs: The Platform To Find The Best Antiques And Luxury Products

Paintings, photography and even sculptures, there is a lot to find at 1stdibs, being this the premier online marketplace for antiques and luxury products. From the 21st century to 18th century and earlier, you can find the next art piece to add to your collection. Of course, 1stdibs never disappoints.

1stdibs: The Platform To Find The Best Antiques And Luxury Products

If you’re looking for furniture, 1stdibs gives you everything you may need for your home decor. Antique decor pieces, hand-made accessories, or even furniture from the best brands from all over the world. You can even find historical furniture pieces that will be a gem in your collection, true antiques to give value to your home. What can’t you find at 1stdibs?

“1stdibs offers the best antiques from all over the world in one place. I’m sorry the 1stdibs secret is out.”
-Robert Couturier

1stdibs: The Platform To Find The Best Antiques And Luxury Products

Even when it comes to fashion, you’ll find everything you could possibly be looking for. Couture, vintage pieces and designer clothes that have walked the runaway and are now available to be yours and yours alone, from Chanel to Mac Jacobs, Versace and Alexander McQueen. If you’re a fashion aficionado and fanatic, 1stdibs is the place for you.

“I can’t imagine living without 1stdibs.”
-Marc Jacobs

1stdibs: The Platform To Find The Best Antiques And Luxury Products

Big names in this industry, such as Tiffany, Harry Winston, Cartier and Emma Chapman are all represented in this category, such as many others. You are able to pick the stone cut you are looking for when you are in looking for that perfect ring, the creator you are searching for or even the metal of the jewelry or watch.

“One of my favorite sites.”
-Diane Von Furstenberg

With a magazine and blog you can check out as well, 1stdibs is the perfect place for design lovers, antique collectors and curators. You’ll find everything you’re looking for at 1stdibs, the platform with the world’s most beautiful things and where you’ll find your next favorite piece.

Don’t miss visiting a whole new world of opportunities with the click of you mouse!

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