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3 Guidelines To Decorate Your Bar Cart For A Glam Party

Throw a glamorous party with the best home bar cart you can make!

Bar carts are fabulous! You can use them to step up your party planning and show off your skills while pulling your party everywhere you want it to go. Get your party on wheels and bring everyone the food and drinks they need!

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3 Guidelines To Decorate Your Bar Cart For A Glam Party

If you want to make your job as a party host easier, then a bar cart is a tool that will be very helpful! Bar carts a very practical choice to help you cover more ground at your own party and they can also be quite sophisticated. Without further ado, take a look at some guidelines to decorate your bar cart in the most elegant way.

1 – The Focus

Because it is such a versatile item, it is very important to know what purpose your home bar cart will be serving. You have to figure out how you will use it. Will you throw parties often and use it for them? Will you just use it as an accessory to add to your dining room? Once you find out its purpose, you will be able to more easily make it as functional as you can.

3 Guidelines To Decorate Your Bar Cart For A Glam Party

2 – The Organization

If you opt to make your bar cart a more practical piece to use at parties, then there are some rules you should consider in order to make the most of it. Highlight the drinks and utensils you will use the most. Not everything needs to be there, only the essential! Add useful items if you want to be ready to prepare some cocktails, for example.

3 Guidelines To Decorate Your Bar Cart For A Glam Party

3 – The Decoration

It’s not just about the utility of your bar cart, but also its potential as a decorative piece. The ornaments you put in your home bar cart can make it a strong addition to your decor. Add the right ingredients to the mix! You bar cart can be just a beautiful as it can be practical.

3 Guidelines To Decorate Your Bar Cart For A Glam Party

Editor’s Choice

Sipping on a cocktail next to your bar cart never looked so good with Baughman, a mid-century bar cart with a stunning design you won’t resist. With it, anything is possible. This bar cart doesn’t just look apart but also does it perfectly with its practical wheels and retro luxurious design. With a structure in polished brass and walnut wood, a glass top and practical wheels, this bar cart is the center piece of any home bar.

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