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4 Sophisticated Grey Kitchens That Show Neutrals Aren’t Boring

If you think neutrals are boring, these sophisticated grey kitchens will show you otherwise!

We all know that white kitchens are timeless, but they can also become a flop if you don’t know how to work with the materials and create an harmony. However, most people often disregard having a grey kitchen, but we’re here to show you 4 sophisticated grey kitchens that will most definitely change your view on neutrals!

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7 Sophisticated Grey Kitchens That Show Neutrals Aren't Boring_1 (1)

This glam warm grey kitchen features a blacksplash with Moroccan tiles, big windows that let the natural light and create a wonderful balance that lightens up the neutrals in the kitchen, as well as nature elements that provide a touch of color. A fluffy white rug is just the perfect touch if you wish to complete the look in the right way! Talk about maximizing a space!


7 Sophisticated Grey Kitchens That Show Neutrals Aren't Boring_2

How about a mix of glossy grey tiles and a black and white checkered flooring? The balance of neutrals is perfect and really maximizes the space, making it feel even bigger than it is. You can pair it with dining tables and chairs in wood to create some texture and layer it nicely!

7 Sophisticated Grey Kitchens That Show Neutrals Aren't Boring_3

Sophistication, minimalism and a grey color palette walk hand in hand. A white marble kitchen island will be the right choice to contrast with the dark charcoal cabinetry. If you mix it with dark wood kitchen counter stools, even better! What’s not to love about a sophisticated grey kitchen like this?

7 Sophisticated Grey Kitchens That Show Neutrals Aren't Boring_4

How about a country-chic grey kitchen? If this is more in your comfort zone of styles you enjoy, fear not: grey is still the right color to choose. Invest in grey tiles for the walls and grey metal kitchen island that you can easily pair with wooden cabinetry and a few touches of brass in the lighting pieces and white in the countertops. Easy, right?

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