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5 Kitchen Design Trends You Should Know About

A kitchen renovation is what you need to freshen up your home! Here are the kitchen design trends you need.

We know how tempted you are to renovate your home decor for the season. With Fall comes the need to innovate and today we target one of the most important spaces in your home: the kitchen. And because you need to be aware of trends, we’ll show you 5 kitchen design trends you should know about before you start renovating yours.

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Add a statement wall or splashback

5 Kitchen Design Trends You Should Know About_1

If you have a plain kitchen, or an otherwise white on white kitchen, then a statement wall or splashback is just what you need to give a personality and uniqueness to your space! It’s a trend all the way from years ago, that somehow disappeared in 2005, but it’s back and ready to stay! Even if you only use wallpaper, it will be where all eyes are drawn to and what really brightens up your kitchen decor.

Add different textures and materials – mix it up!

5 Kitchen Design Trends You Should Know About_2

When it comes to a modern kitchen, you really want to bet on mixing it up with different materials such as raw wooden textures, metal and marble, all coming together in the kitchen of your dreams. There is really nothing to it, you just have to pair it all up in a way that makes sense and that really makes it all stand out harmoniously.

Use open shelving

5 Kitchen Design Trends You Should Know About_3

Open shelves are one of the most beautiful trends in kitchen lately and you really should bet on this. Choose specific places that don’t get that messy and make your kitchen more personal and user-friendly by exposing some of your cupboard spaces to light. You can showcase your collection of spices, cooking books and even your coffee mugs. It all comes together perfectly in the end.

Marry modern with traditional

5 Kitchen Design Trends You Should Know About_4

There is really nothing to it and it’s easier than it looks, really. A recipe that will bring you success, make your space timeless and modern by adding some traditional elements to your kitchen that will make it warm and cozy, but also stylish. Some dark or raw wood, statement walls of brick, but modern counters with marble and open shelving are the perfect combination for the look you’re searching for.

Copper lighting pieces

5 Kitchen Design Trends You Should Know About_5

Metals are not really new to being used on this space in particular, but cold metals were reigning the kitchen. However, it all changed with the arrival of warm metals such as copper and brass that shine brightly in the modern kitchens of many people around the world. Let yours be one of those kitchens and get on this trend!

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