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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel

6 Restaurants In Frankfurt To Try During Light + Building 2020

If you’re going to Light + Building 2020, here are the restaurants in Frankfurt you have to try!

Light + Building 2020 is in the beginning of March so you’re probably already thinking about flying to Frankfurt to attend this incredible design event. Well, fear not, we have a Frankfurt travel guide for you and we’ll show you the best restaurants in Frankfurt you have to try after a long day of enjoying design!

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Lucille Kaffeehaus

6 Restaurants In Frankfurt To Try During Light + Building 2020_1

The Frankfurt restaurant guide you didn’t know you needed is the palm of your hands right now. Places to get that perfect photo for Instagram and those German delicacies while enjoying the beautiful city that is Frankfurt. We’ll start with Lucille Kaffeehaus. This lovely cafe, cash only be aware, is a unique wonder in the economic centre. With serene and incredibly charming interiors, the soft green combined with the white tiles make this the perfect spot to have lunch! Turning into a bar at 1 am you can try the ever-changing menu and take a look at the adjoined with vinyl record shop!

essential classic blue

Emma Metzler

6 Restaurants In Frankfurt To Try During Light + Building 2020_2

With a French-German menu, this spacious bistro is a world all by itself. Located in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, this Frankfurt restaurant is practically an extension of the museum that is located nearby. With colourful art on the white walls and lobster red furniture, the navy blue curtains adorn the space like no other. Tip: if the weather is nice, eat outside and then take a stroll on Eiserner Steg bridge!

Seven Swans

6 Restaurants In Frankfurt To Try During Light + Building 2020_3

One of the two vegetarian restaurants in Frankfurt have that so much coveted Michelin star of 2018 and one of them is Seven Swans. Using regional ingredients like fennel, leeks, pumpkin, apple and asparagus the intimate candlelight dining and a complete with a view of the Main River is complete. When you’re in Frankfurt for Light + Building 2020, this is one of the must-visit restaurants!


6 Restaurants In Frankfurt To Try During Light + Building 2020_4

If you are looking for that warm and fuzzy feeling of the German traditions, then Atschel is the one you might want to have a look at. With the traditional communal wooden tables, the walls of the restaurant are adorned with framed vintage drawings! The homey feeling of hearty local cuisine and you can’t leave without leaving the Frankfurts drink of election: Apfelwein!



6 Restaurants In Frankfurt To Try During Light + Building 2020_5

Food, hospitality and atmosphere are the principles of this amazing restaurant. With tasteful fabrics and lighting inspired by the baroque era. The menu is inspired by the French Mediterranean and be careful, you need to book in advance! Tasteful dinners in stylish places, what could we want more?

Restaurant Francais

6 Restaurants In Frankfurt To Try During Light + Building 2020_6

Old world traditional and amazing. The Restaurant Français is the one to make your trip to Frankfurt the one of a kind experience. Warmed by an open fire and with a hundred-year-old oak flooring, the cuisine is as tasteful as ever. Celebrating the Germanic cuisine, the old comes new with foie gras and caviar in the mix.

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