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A Glamorous Parisian Kitchen To Inspire A Makeover

The Parisians are synonymous with style and for that reason, we bring to you a Parisian Kitchen, belonging to fashion designer Alexis Mabille. The exquisite mix of old and new, Parisian décor is the definition of chic: gorgeous interiors with vintage details and traditional color schemes are balanced by modern, luxe-looking pieces. The perfect combination between the bright whites, cold surfaces, the icy blue and the brass details, are breathtaking, and will definitely inspire your day!

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A Glamorous Parisian Kitchen To Inspire A Makeover

Photo © cocokelley

First, let’s talk about this counter. You’re probably thinking, that is a simple white marble counter, and you’re right, but all the details matter and that is what makes this kitchen different from others. The first detail that we love is the division between the counter materials with the brass, which is not only eye-catching but also gives a luxury looking to it.


And we can’t forget about the open shelf right above the counter with all those art items which bring that mix between the old and new that we spoke before!

A Glamorous Parisian Kitchen To Inspire A Makeover

Photo © cocokelley

What about the unexpected blue island in this room? It keeps it from being too cold and all-white, and it adds to the playfulness. The way that colors combine in the “big picture” is another reason why we love this kitchen decor so much.

A Glamorous Parisian Kitchen To Inspire A Makeover

Photo © cocokelley

Last but not least, we would like that you check all the pictures we have been showing and look at how the candles in the cabinets combine perfectly with the suspension lamp. All over the kitchen, you find the harmony between the white and the golden color from the brass which brings a unique feeling to this eclectic room!

Editors Choice

What if this was your kitchen? Would you change anything? We have a few options for you, and since the pieces that we are going to show you are fully customizable, feel free to imagine it with different colors or material so it would adjust perfectly to the kitchen decor.

A Glamorous Parisian Kitchen To Inspire A MakeoverMarie Chair

An occasional chair that incorporates all of the mid-century modern elements into a contemporary vision.

Perfect for Casual Interiors

Features slim legs made of polished brass, a round pad upholstered with a seductive velvet and a round back.


A Glamorous Parisian Kitchen To Inspire A Makeover


Vinicius Dining Table

A dining table that uses the same elegant base of Vinicius end table.


Designed in a curvy hourglass shape, it is finished in Nero Marquina marble, contrasted by the white Portuguese Estremoz marble.

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