A Japanese Restaurant In Montreal With A Blossom Tree Stole Our Hearts

A restaurant in Montreal with a blossom tree? We’ve found it.

Meet Le Blossom, a Japanese restaurant in Montreal designed by Ménard Dworkind architecture & design, that is sure to steal your heart. Its stunning design is unprecedent and we can’t help but want to inspire you and show you what awaits you inside the amazing Le Blossom. Come on a journey with us through the incredible interior design of this Japanese restaurant in Montreal.

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A Japanese Restaurant In Montreal With A Blossom Tree Stole Our Hearts



A Japanese Restaurant In Montreal With A Blossom Tree Stole Our Hearts

Le Blossom is Ménard Dworkind’s non-traditional and futurist take on Japanese culture, located at the heart of Montreal’s Village. Its design is a mixture of traditional elements and materials found in Japanese restaurants, and a more modern and even futuristic take on the culture, creating a space where fantasy and reality meet in a spectacular show of design and cuisine.

A Japanese Restaurant In Montreal With A Blossom Tree Stole Our Hearts

Drawing inspiration, in part, from the work of Hollywood industrial designer Syd Mead, the idea was to create a singular environment, free from the usual and overused Japanese-themed clichés that we’ve all been so accustomed to,” explains the design duo. “In the process, nods to Quebec’s own mid-century era — most notably through the use of terrazzo and ceramic tiles — were also thrown into the mix, as well as elements reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s Wall Street chic — for instance, the aluminium venetian blinds as well as the wall lamps.” – YellowTrace



The restaurant also has a bar area where most of the restaurant‘s seats can be found. The custom designed minimalist stools are topped with extra thick felt for comfort, cantilevered via a concealed anchoring system — one of Ménard’s signature tricks.

We can’t say we are not obsessed with this design.

Covered with tiles on the sides and topped with a timber table, a circular bar surrounding the tree was added to accommodate even more customers. Between futuristic design and mid-century inspiration, we are drawn further and further in by the mix of materials and styles that take us to design heaven.

An unmissable experience, make sure to visit Le Blossom and see for yourself what true passion for design is all about.

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