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All The Boho Bar Decor Ideas In One Post!

With summer arriving fast to our lives and too many restaurants and bars across the city, it’s time to revise a few of our favourite styles as seen in our favourite spots all over the world. Today, we’re focusing the spotlight on boho style, a chill and refreshing style seen in many of our favourite bars. Come with us and discover all the boho bar decor ideas of your dreams right here!

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The bohemian style or in short the boho-style is eclectic, well-travelled, and doesn’t judge one bit. Cultures from all over the world find their way in to influence this style, for that reason it has no rules. However, it does have a few key elements. Why don’t you take a peak.

Boho Bar Decor – Colour Makes The World Go Round

All The Boho Bar Decor Ideas In One Post!

Colour is a big part of the boho-bar décor. Colours like the vibrant reds to the royal purples and deep blues are no stranger to this style. Just like the days way back when discovered colours were from “faraway” lands. This style trait has the well-travelled side of the boho style to thank for that. So, when creating that lush boho bar decor in your café, don’t shy away from colours, embrace them.

All The Boho Bar Decor Ideas In One Post!


Boho Bar Decor – I See A Pattern…

All The Boho Bar Decor Ideas In One Post!

Just as colours play a big part in the boho style décor, patterns do that too. Equally as rich and well-travelled. This style is riddled with patterns, from the patterned walls to the colourful tapestry, that could put Aladdin’s flying carpet to shame. Any and everything from tribal prints to mandala designs, they all have a place here. So, it’s a definite yes, if you’re thinking about incorporating patterns and print in your own boho bar décor.

All The Boho Bar Decor Ideas In One Post!

Boho Bar Decor – Nice To Meet You, I’m Nature

All The Boho Bar Decor Ideas In One Post!
Another key element of this style is the way it doesn’t just invite nature and greenery in, it relishes in it. The abundance of life is one of the things that make a boho bar decor stand out. So, consider adding some large plants, vines and flowers to the decor to spruce and liven it up.

Editor’s Choice

Boho Bar Decor – Why Don’t You Take A Seat

All The Boho Bar Decor Ideas In One Post!

Lastly, to remain in the natural vibe. When it comes to the chairs, sofa’s, etc. The material used, leans more to the organic side. Bamboo, for example, is one of the most popular choices. Its use isn’t limited to chairs alone, it’s also used for lamps, ornaments and more. Metals and irons, on the other hand, aren’t often seen, and if so, usually in little amounts. As for the types of chairs used, it’s fun to go creative with that. So, everything from pouffes to swing sets is all fair game.

All The Boho Bar Decor Ideas In One Post!

*Note one of the biggest rules of a boho bar decor is, there are no rules. So, feel free to go nuts.

Written by Godspraise Itotoh 

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