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All The Tricks And Tips To Design Your Own Home Bar Cart

In love with the practical and stunning bar carts? Then we’re sure you’re giong to love this article! Today, we bring you some tricks and tips to decorate your own home bar cart, perfect for any modern home who prefers a more practical and functional version than the traditional home bar.

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Create A Focus

All The Tricks And Tips To Design Your Own Home Bar Cart_1 (1)

First of all, you have to figure out exactly what purpose the bar cart will be serving. Do you normally have friends over? Do you throw parties often? Is your bar cart just an accessory you want to add to your living or dining room? Bar carts come in all shapes and sizes and serve different purposes so you’ll easily find the best way to make your bar cart more functional for you and your home decor.

Organize & Know How To Store

All The Tricks And Tips To Design Your Own Home Bar Cart_2 (1)

Highlight the drinks and utensils you need and use the most, followed by some decor that you want to add. Not all the alcohol or utensils you own needs to be in your bar cart, just the ones you want to display or use the most. Keep in mind – your bar cart has to be practical and functional, after all.

Add Useful Items

All The Tricks And Tips To Design Your Own Home Bar Cart_3 (1)

Keep a bottles of gin, tonic, mixers, some limes, etc, if you want to be ready to prepare some cocktails. Having it all at hand and keeping your bar cart stored is very useful when you’re throwing a party or even when you’re just in need of a fresh cocktail after a long and tiring day.

Elevate Your Home Bar Cart

All The Tricks And Tips To Design Your Own Home Bar Cart_4 (1)

It’s not just about the drinks you store in your bar cart, but how you decorate it. A bar cart doesn’t only have to be practical, it can also be beautiful, so if you add the right ingredients to the mix, your bar cart can become a strong addition to your decor. Flowers, ornaments, vintage pieces, neon lighting on the wall above it – it’s your choice!

Keep It Simple

All The Tricks And Tips To Design Your Own Home Bar Cart_5 (1)

When in doubt, keep it simple, isn’t that how it goes? We definitely agree! One bottle of red wine, white wine and sparking wine, one of whiskey, one of vodka or gin, some tequilla and cool rum, a shaker set, a decanter and a wine stopper. Add some small decor and you’re done!

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