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Bar Design Ideas: The Best Stool and Counter Combos

If you are always wondering: what are the best combinations between bar stools and counters? Wonder no more! These Bar Design Ideas will clear all your doubts!

Choosing the counter or bar stool you like the most, out of a bunch of them, could be a difficult task, but not the hardest. Neither is choosing the bar counter or top you want for your home. The most difficult task, is making both of them work, together! Lets take a look on how you can do it with some Bar Design Ideas!

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There are a few brands that come to mind when you think of the best bar stools, right? The same might happen with bar counter but, rarely there is a single brand where you can get both elements, and they work. Lets take a look at the counter and stool combination you are waiting for!

Kelly Bar Chair with, well, a variety of counters!

Bar Design Ideas The Best Stool and Counter Combos 3In case you are just tuning in, when 2018 started, we put out a review of Kelly, from Essential Home. If you didn’t read it (here you go), we basically said that Kelly might lack a little in comfort, but is one of the most elegant and luxurious bar chairs in the market.

The use of brass and leather mean that Kelly can go very well with different bar counters. Counters made primordially out of brass, or even with a velvet covering, as you can see in the picture below.

Bar Design Ideas The Best Stool and Counter Combos 6

When Essential Home takes their iconic bar chair to tradeshows, like they recently did with iSaloni Milano, Maison et Objet in Paris and High Point Market in North Carolina, it is always a show stopper. Why? Because anything you through at it, wont make it look bad.

Basically, Kelly is one of the most beautiful and versatile bar chair out there.

Bar Design Ideas The Best Stool and Counter Combos

Collins Bar Chair, with a classic mid-century bar counter. Here is what we mean…

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Another Essential Home bar chair? Yes. Essential Home has a fantastic collection of bar chairs, some more iconic than others. While Kelly is the more out-there choice, Collins is the most mid-century-save choice.

Bar Design Ideas The Best Stool and Counter Combos 7Because Collins is such a traditional mid-century chair, it is only natural that you should combine it with a classic mid-century bar counter.

We also reviewed Collins Bar Chair! See the article right here.

When we think of mid-century furniture, 4 materials come to mind: brass, marble, velvet and leather, so, has you see by the picture below, Collins goes very well with a classic mid-century bar counter.

Bar Design Ideas The Best Stool and Counter Combos (2)

More combinations that we love!

Now, we’ll present you some quick combinations that we adore!

In this one below, you can see that the right combo means much more than just material. Look at the harmony of the lines from the chair, the counter, the lighting and even the floor play along with each other! Harmony between all the elements in you bar, kitchen, man-cave, whatever play a big role into making the counter-chair combo work!

Bar Design Ideas The Best Stool and Counter Combos 5

This other one is another great example of why the harmony in the room is so important. The whole room has a wood concept to it and, notice how the cushion in the chair is contrasting with the counter? It even has lighting to highlight it more!

Bar Design Ideas The Best Stool and Counter Combos 8


Alright, now, onto the kitchen example.

And yes, another Essential Home chair (I told you they had a great selection of them).

This one is Gable Bar Chair and, the reason why it works so good in this room is, without a doubt, because of the harmony between the colors of the chair and the flooring. Remember when I told you marble was a classic mid-century material? You have it on the counter-top. Leather? Cushion. Brass? The Base.

Also look how the white matches the walls, the floor, and the counter-top, and the copper color of the chair’s base also matches the color of the floor. Pretty good, right?

Bar Design Ideas The Best Stool and Counter Combos 4

We hope you enjoyed these incredible bar design ideas and bar chairs that certainly won’t leave your mind anytime soon.

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