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Essential Guidelines for the Perfect Kitchen Decor

Kitchen decor should be as functional as it should be elegant.

Preparing your own meals and the meals you will share with your loved ones is much more fulfilling if you do it in a pleasant ambience. However, decorating a kitchen is no easy task! It is one the most expensive areas to renovate and one of the hardest considering its functional essence. A good place to start is to think about what you want out of it and why you want to change it. It is important to consider all your options before you tackle a renovation project for your kitchen. Today, we’ll be talking about a few essential guidelines in order to help you reshape the heart of your home.

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Essential Guidelines for the Perfect Kitchen Decor

White and off-white are the most popular kitchen colors, as they offer a clean and fresh aesthetic. However, paint colors are easily changeable, so if you want to try out a bold color for a statement wall, you can do it with little risk. If style flexibility is what you want, then paint is definitely the superior choice over tile, which is more expensive and harder to swap out. One final note: warm colors, such as red, are though to stimulate appetite.


Essential Guidelines for the Perfect Kitchen Decor

Cabinets are crucial for practicality and are a high impact element of design and hold the potential to really anchor the space. Replacing cabinetry can, however, be extremely expensive. There are other ways to revamp cabinets whether that’s adding lighting, new hardware, or a fresh coat of paint. When it comes to cabinets two options are clear, replacing or revamping, so consider your situation wisely.



Essential Guidelines for the Perfect Kitchen Decor

Does the space get a lot of traffic? How tight is your budget? The answers to these two questions will determine which materials you should use in order to have your kitchen flooring working as best for you as possible. Hardwood floors are desirable and provide a classic look, whereas lamine is much cheaper and can do a good job at replicating the looks of hardwood floors. However, the former is much more durable than the latter, but the latter is also a better option if you’re aiming for green design.


Essential Guidelines for the Perfect Kitchen Decor

Choosing a kitchen countertop is based on similar criteria as choosing flooring, but much wider range of materials can be used, such as granite, marble, glass, and stainless steel. Tile can also be used for countertops, proving its versatility as a decor material, since it can also be used in other areas, such as flooring and backsplash.



Essential Guidelines for the Perfect Kitchen Decor

Including an island in your kitchen is practical but also valuable. Most buyers will find the idea of a kitchen island very much appealing and that adds value to your property. Kitchen islands also offer a large number of advantages in terms of function, namely extra seating, extra food preparation area, and even additional storage space.


Essential Guidelines for the Perfect Kitchen Decor

Backsplashes will work as a connection between the countertops and the cabinets, being a good place to tie the two main elements of your kitchen’s design together. Moreover, while not an absolute necessity, they are also quite helpful in terms of cleanliness. Inevitably, your walls will get dirty while cooking or washing dishes, so a backsplash would be a good idea to avoid spoiling your walls. Almost any type of material can be used in your backsplash for as long as it’s properly sealed, from the versatile subway tile to natural stone and even glass.

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