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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel

Haunted Bars Perfect For A Halloween Night Out

In this upcoming Halloween night, dare to drink spirits… with spirits!

For a Halloween night out, nothing better than having a drink in your hand, friends by your side, and a scary ghost right behind you. Today, we choose our top haunted bars all over the world that will give you the chills while you sip on a good spirit or a cocktail. As you fall into the spooky vibe of Halloween, these bars will be a perfect choice for an unforgettable night.

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Ye Olde Man and Scythe – Bolton, UK

Haunted Bars All Over The World Perfect For A Halloween Night Out

A pub opened on a crossroads in Bolton, Lancashire sometime around the year 1251. Its resident ghost only appeared more than 400 years later though, the ghost of a man executed during the English Civil War in the 17th Century, making this not only one of the oldest pubs in the UK, but also a perfect place for a Halloween night out.

If you’re wondering how the landlord came to find out about this ghost, then let us enlighten you. It was Friday morning when landlord Tony Dooley discovered smashed glass on the floor when he came down to the pub but when he viewed the camera, he found it had stopped recording shortly after 6.18am. He then saw what he believed to be a soldier, Royalist James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby, that supposedly spent the final year of his life staying at the pub before his gruesome execution. He was beheaded in the square immediately in front of the pub and the chair he sat in while awaiting his fate is still inside. Hundreds more soldiers and civilians were also killed outside the pub during the Bolton Massacre in 1644.

A pub with a lot more than just history and good drinks. If you want to visit Bolton for your Halloween break, Ye Olde Man and Scythe is the perfect stop.

Jamaica Inn – Cornwall, UK

Haunted Bars All Over The World Perfect For A Halloween Night Out

Perhaps a familiar one, as it was featured on Most Haunted in 2010, Jamaica Inn was considered by the producers of the show to be what caused “one of the spookiest episodes” they had ever created. Owners of the Inn purported to have heard ghostly whispers in different languages and the clatter of horses hooves on the cobbled path outside – only to find none outside.

“One ghost story in particular has become synonymous with the pub. Legend has it that many years ago a patron left his half-finished tankard on the bar and wondered into the night, never to be seen again. His body mysteriously discovered on a bleak moor, and past landlords have said the man’s ghost frequently wonders into the bar to finish his drink.”

What more do you need to hear to visit this haunted pub?

Arnaud’s – New Orleans, US

Haunted Bars All Over The World Perfect For A Halloween Night Out

A New Orleans based bar and restaurant, Arnaud’s is known to host quite a few ghosts of their own. Waiters have been startled by gentleman dressed in a turn of the century tuxedo standing in the corner of the main dining room, smiling at them. The establishment therefore claims they believe this apparition is that of its original owner Count Arnaud, a French wine salesman who bought the space in 1918. Another claimed to see a woman wearing a hat leave the ladies room and stroll across the corridor to disappear through the wall.

If you’re not charmed by these ghosts, New Orleans is full of history, most of it on the abnormal and mysterious side, with their culture of witchcraft and a dark history of their own. Explore this city this Halloween for an unforgettable night.

Bobby Mackey’s Nightclub – Kentucky, US

Haunted Bars All Over The World Perfect For A Halloween Night Out

Bobby Mackey’s Nightclub has experienced a host of sinister events in its 150-year history, making it one of the most haunted drinking dens in the US. Owned by Bobby Mackey, the country singer, it was built in 1850 and has seen a lot ever since then and way before, as the site the bar is in, is thought that satanic practices were routine. The ghost of local girl Pearl Bryan, who in 1896 was beheaded by her boyfriend and his roommate in a nearby field after an abortion attempt went horribly wrong, is also purported to roam to bar.

In the 1950s a dance hall girl called Joanna, who worked at the venue, was made pregnant by a young singer. When she made her intentions known to marry the boy, her mobster father arranged to have him killed. Joanna then poisoned her father before taking her own life. Some patrons have claimed to see visions of all three.

If you wish to see more of this bar, it’s fairly easy to do so, as Bobby Mackey’s was part of several ghost haunting TV shows. You won’t be disappointed with this Halloween night out recommendation.

The Grenadier – London, UK

Haunted Bars All Over The World Perfect For A Halloween Night Out

One of London’s most feared drinking dens, The Grenadier is only for the bravest. Said to be haunted by the ghost of a soldier who was beaten to death and thrown down a stairwell after he was found to be cheating at a game of cards, this is a bar built in 1720 as the officers’ mess for the senior infantry regiment of the British army, the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, and so was located in a courtyard of their barracks. Current owners claim the paranormal activity in the pub increases in September – the month in which the young soldier was murdered. By the end of October there will be quite a lot of activity and stories to tell. You won’t want to miss it!

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