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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel

Last Straw, The Vibrant Texan Bar You Need To Visit

An aesthetic restaurant in Texas ready for an Instagram photo-shoot is what awaits you when you enter Last Straw. Bright colors, 90’s vibe, it’s a magical place to visit and find out more about the interior design details behind this incredible hospitality project. Come with us and find out more about this vibrant Texan bar!

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Last Straw, The Vibrant Texan Bar You Need To Visit

“We kept the exterior fairly clean, letting the focus be on plants and a large neon sign,” Will shares.

From the aqua floor to the ombré walls, it’s like stepping into an 1990s aesthetic moodboard, and we couldn’t be more in love with it. This bar is the brainchild of two visual artists, Will Bryant and Cody Haltom. Their concept for Last Straw is full of charm and unexpected design.

“Conceptually, the line ‘Vacation by the Hour’ was an overall guide,” Will explains. “Maybe you can’t go to the beach for a week, but you can escape life for two hours on a Tuesday. It’s a fake escape. Our own colorful version of Chotchkie’s from Office Space.”

Last Straw, The Vibrant Texan Bar You Need To Visit

Will is an artist and designer who makes positive, fun, and slightly humorous work. In his sculptural installations, abstract patterns, and illustrations, there is always a sense of exuberance at play with a colorful palette. Cody is an art director and designer. His studio collaborates with clients on a range of projects, including identity, print, installation, illustration and interactive. In this opportunity to work together, it’s easy to see both their creative veins in one single place, combining perfectly in a bar that is not only colorful but full of life.

Last Straw, The Vibrant Texan Bar You Need To Visit

“A large mural covers the west wall of the space, with a wraparound banquette, custom terrazzo tables and Amigo Modern snack chairs,” Cody shares.

“We were approached to be the creative arm for a new bar concept,” Will begins. “We’d been wanting a chance to work on a larger project together and combine our sensibilities and approaches. We designed the layout, picked furniture, designed and painted murals, selected artwork, worked on graphics, signage, menus, and [ran] social media as a two-man team.”

Last Straw, The Vibrant Texan Bar You Need To Visit

“Detail of the corner. The large gradient wall (on the right) we use to project video content on during the evenings,” Will notes.

Editor’s Choice

Marie Chair

Last Straw, The Vibrant Texan Bar You Need To Visit

“Sunlit lounge features vintage ‘Boyz 2 LaCroix’ chairs, mid-century inspired West Elm sofa from Craigslist, and green hammertone Octahedron coffee table by Amigo Modern,” Will says.

A seating area with a mid-century walnut wood and leather sofa is what sparks us interest as well, incredible chairs with magical patterns and plants filling the corners for a more tropical boho vibe give this bar a uniqueness that is often looked past in some projects.


Last Straw, The Vibrant Texan Bar You Need To Visit

“One of our favorite moments in the space is where the tropical colored cabinets meet the ‘Blue Bleuth (booth). One of Andrew Neyer’s YoYo lights hangs near a photo of John Candy in Summer Rental,” Cody shares.

Last Straw, The Vibrant Texan Bar You Need To Visit

“The bar area has great natural light due to the skylight. (…) Green hammertone stools by Amigo modern, a custom concrete top and a green tile bar back complete the look,” Will says.

We can’t help but love every single detail of this stunning bar, from the deep green mosaic accent wall behind the counter to the modern with a touch of retro bar stools, even the hints of yellow on doorframes and blue floor. Irresistible, be sure to check out Last Straw in Austin, Texas, for a design explosin!

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