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Meet 20 Top Interior Designers From Mexico

Get to know 20 top interior designers in Mexico!

Mexico is a country brimming with history and culture. With its mixed European and Native American cultural heritage, it is no wonder that Mexican interior design is a delightful to the eyes with its eclectic feel. Without further ado, come take a look at 20 top interior designers in Mexico that you have to know about!

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1 – Adearquictectos

This young architectural design and interior design studio has the main goal of achieving spaces that compliment both architecture and interiors! With design projects spread around these three areas, this incredible design studio is famous for capturing the clients’ vision and style. From commercial and architectural, to simple interior design projects, this design studio features an impressive portfolio of their stunning work.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

2 – Andre Guitierrez

Also known as AG Studio, their incredible portfolio ranges from modern residential projects to amazing commercial interiors and has been recognized in several publications and awards. They are committed to creating more than design aesthetic places, through the use of psychology (based on human relations and feelings), color and the right selection of bespoke furnishings and lighting designs. In their inspiring design projects, the latest design trends mix up with traditional Mexican heritage.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

3 – Bi Yuu

This interior design brand is specialized in textile rugs and accessories of design. Inspired by local customs and traditions, their incredible products are created by the talented hands of the artisans of Teotitlán del Valle. All of their bespoke rug designs can be placed in any interior design project and tell different stories that dialogue with tradition.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

4 – Comité de Proyectos

This design studio offers a unique aesthetic approach and space solutions that encourage the dynamics of integration between individuals and living spaces. Their inspiring contemporary projects have been recognized in multiple national and international publications, such as Vogue México.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

5 – Concha de Palacio Interiores

Considered as one of the best Mexican designers, Concha features an inspiring range of incredible contemporary design projects spread throughout the country. From beautiful residential interiors to exquisite boutique hotels, this interior design studio has designed some of the most famous places in Mexico. They feature an extensive list of high profile clients such as the Hilton Group, who have considered them as one of Mexico’s most professional and knowledgeable local hotel designers.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

6 – Girdom Diseño

This might be one of the Most Prominent Design Studios in Mexico for the last 25 years. With a wide range of national and international projects, Juana continues at the forefront of style, quality, and elegance with each of client. Each project must have its own essence, reflecting the personality of those who make use of it. The interior designer is focused on creating contemporary interior design projects with a 100% personalized service, distinguishing them from competition.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

7 – Héctor Esrawe

His signature style includes a great variety of typologies, from furniture and objects to interiors, commercial spaces, installations, and cultural exhibitions. In his studio based in Mexico, he develops contemporary furniture, interior design and architectural solutions for museums, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, residential complexes and private homes.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

8 – Joel Escalona

Specialized in product development, interior design and creative direction within fashion, furniture, lifestyle, and technology, they have worked with a wide range of clients which provided them a global vision of the industry and what the international clients are looking for. Joel has worked on a number of projects ranging from product design, furniture and jewelry, to consulting, and has participated in international design events.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

9 – Legorreta Sepúlveda

To achieve authentic designs in an assembly of architecture, engineering, design, furniture and landscape, they combine creative processes and approaches to scaling. All of their modern design projects are based on commitment, accompaniment and collaboration in the short, medium and long term. They review the life cycle of each project and its different stages: concept, program, project, planning, preparation of plans and specifications, permits and authorizations, construction supervision and construction execution.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

10 – Lemonbe

Inspired by the personality and lifestyle of each client, this interior design firm seeks to be the first firm to create amazing contemporary design projects full of color and positive feelings. From colorful living spaces to fashion inspired projects, this Mexican design firm wants to connect you with some positive vibes through the right color tones! With high-quality services of interior design, custom furniture design and project consulting, this inspiring interior design firm feature a wide range of popular contemporary design projects where color is the big star!

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

11 – Mariangel Coghlan Studio

From bespoke residential and commercial projects to architectural design and inspiring renovations, they feature the best contemporary design solutions to fulfill the client’s needs and even exceed their first expectations. Mariangel is a reference for the Mexican interior design industry, whose work has been published in numerous books, blogs and specialized magazines around the world.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

12 – Melissa Ávila

This design studio combines the best of both worlds of artistic production with traditional artisanal techniques. Inspired by her cultural heritage and ancient crafts, she creates unique pieces handmade alongside artisans who specialize in different ancestral processes. Their mission is to connect the native communities of Mexico, by helping to preserve their craftsmanship and creating opportunities and income through fair manufacturing practices. Her unique artworks can enrich any interior with a fantastic story and cultural heritage.

Meet 10 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

13 – Michel Design

Aiming at transforming an ordinary space into an extraordinary contemporary project, Michel Design studio creates glamorous interiors that encounter the clients’ needs and dreams. From glamorous dining room designs to amazing office decor or dreamy bedroom ideas, the studio has already designed amazing interiors for several projects. They work with the best luxury brands, such as Ashley Coaster, Caracole, Lexington, Bernhard, Global View, among others.

Meet 20 Top Interior Designers of Mexico

14 – Michel Rojkind Studio

This architecture studio is focused on design, business tactics, and experiential innovation, through urban strategies and modern architectural solutions. From urban planning, industrial design and consulting services, to modern architecture and interior design solution, they specialize in customized design ideas for their client’s needs. They investigate contemporary programs, apply the latest technologies, and translate complex digital designs into simple solutions for local fabrication.

Meet 20 Top Interior Designers From Mexico

15 – Nomade Atelier

Inspired by their rich cultural baggage, they are dedicated to the design of ideas that take shape in the manufacture of custom objects and furniture for residential, public and commercial spaces, as well as artistic, scenographic and cultural installations. By using Mexican materials of the best quality and the most practical solutions to complement the artisanal manufacture of each object, Nomade Atelier gives special value to work and crafts that use manual tools and medium machinery, always working with a network of local family workshops, specialized in materials that are falling into disuse due to their synthetic or industrial substitution.

Meet 20 Top Interior Designers From Mexico

16 – Cooperativa Panoramica

This group of Mexican designers is passionate about exploring new creative territories, through specific exercises that interpret diverse perspectives and ideas. These renowned interior designers develop unique contemporary projects as a way of expression and encouragement of criticism and inclusion, designing to change situations and encourage conversation allowing for an enriching exchange of ideas.

Meet 20 Top Interior Designers From Mexico

17 – Peca

The independent design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico, has established multiple collaborations with local artisans and other inspiring designers in order to create a unique product catalog rich in tradition and innovation. Their products range of custom design projects include furniture, accessories, and interior design. Peca design studio has participated in several design exhibits that celebrate ancient craftsmanship heritage.

Meet 20 Top Interior Designers From Mexico

18 – Tatiana Bilbao

This renowned architect has created several distinctive buildings in Mexico, like the flexible building prototype to address Mexico’s housing shortage. One of her most famous works is the stunning Mexican mirror home, where she combined mirrored glass along with rammed earth and clay bricks. This creative vacation home located in a wooded landscape in Monterrey, also known as the Ventura House, became a worldwide sensation.

Meet 20 Top Interior Designers From Mexico

19 – TEN Arquitectos

They are experts in developing architecture and interior projects with social, environmental, political and financial responsibility. This renowned architecture studio has created over 50 modern design projects and is committed to the principles of organization and configuration of the spaces betting on dialogue, multiple visions and the reinvention of spaces from different cultures and urban phenomena. Their goal is to create luminous spaces that are a reinterpretation of modernity, through textures, structures, covers, and layers.

Meet 20 Top Interior Designers From Mexico

20 – Trudy Jordan Design

Aside from her projects in architecture and her interior design studio, Trudy also founded the Marcopolo company in 1997 with her husband Javier Palme, who is also a distinguished architect. This company would end up being one of the first luxury brands in the country to work with Italian luxury brands in the furniture and high-quality kitchen business, such as Desalto, Horm, 8 emezzo, among others. “Trudy Jordan Experience Design for Life” works with the mission to offering their clients the best-personalized design service in order to deliver their incredible ideas for a contemporary interior design project.

Meet 20 Top Interior Designers From Mexico

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