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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

M&O: What You Need To Know Before The Biggest Design Event Of The Year

Maison et Objet is almost here and you need to know what to expect!

M&O is ready to amaze us with the best exhibitors and a top quality event that no one can resist. Design will take over Paris from the 7th to the 11th of September and we’re extremely excited to find out what’s coming. How about you? Today, we’ll be telling you what you need to know before you dive deep into the biggest design event of the year.

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1. Theme: Virtuous

M&O: What You Need To Know Before The Biggest Design Event Of The YearVincent Grégoire from trend agency NellyRodi, analyses the theme of this year’s edition of Maison et Objet, telling us that “We must put an end to this shift towards generalised overstimulation. We need new rules, a more virtuous ethic, innovative solutions for alternative growth and consumer practices.” It’s clear that this year’s theme will focus primarily on innovation of materials and designs, and the creation of an experience to consumers.



This year’s theme will be one you won’t want to miss, with debates and new trends and ideas swimming to the surface, exposing new ideals for the interior design world. Paris will be enveloped in innovation and you will want to be there to witness it all.

2. It coincides with Paris Design Week

M&O: What You Need To Know Before The Biggest Design Event Of The YearFrom 6th of September to the 15th, the universe of Maison&Objet is brought to the entire city in a week dedicated to design with exhibitions, debates and professionals from all over the world that come together to celebrate design. You can learn about Parisian design, as well as new and emerging topics in the world of international design. With showrooms and new themed itinerary, this will be a dynamic, exciting and surely enlightening experience for all those involved.


You will be able to attend design events all over the city, enjoying design to the maximum and learning more and more about this extraordinary world that is forever innovating. Attend workshops, visit galleries, talk to professionals, and find out even more about the city as you go. Maison&Objet will be only the tip of the iceberg during this Paris Design Week.

3. New Emerging Exhibitors

M&O: What You Need To Know Before The Biggest Design Event Of The Year


Did you know there will be over 600 new brands attending this edition of Maison et Objet? You’ll get to see and experience all types of brands in the world of design and furniture, maybe even find out your next go-to brand when renovating your home. All is possible when attending M&O!


4. Debates, Debates, Debates!

M&O: What You Need To Know Before The Biggest Design Event Of The Year

The most exciting way to learn more about design is to attend the debates on Maison&Objet. You’ll find all you need to know about this incredible world from the best professionals in all the conferences happening in this event during the spawn of it, from 7th to 11th. It’s definitely worth attending for that reason alone, but knowing you can meet with specialists and designers from different brands and talk face-to-face with them is just another reason why people never want to miss M&O.

5. Essential Home will be there!

M&O: What You Need To Know Before The Biggest Design Event Of The Year

Once again, Essential Home doesn’t disappoint and doesn’t miss another edition of Maison et Objet. Partnering with sister brand, DelightFULL, this brand returns with mid-century modern vibes and vintage nostalgia to showcase the best of Portuguese furniture design. You can meet these two brands on Hall 6, Stand N112/O111 during the days of the event. They’ll be waiting for you and ready to help you with anything!

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