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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

Statement, Modern Bar Chairs For A Summer Bar Decor

Ready for Summer? Here’s our pick of statement modern bar chairs for your bar decor!

Spring draws to a close and among other things it’s get ready for summer time. Among others, the kitchen is no exception to this rule. However, when it comes to choosing what style to pick, it can be overwhelming. Scratch that, it can be overwhelming. it usually is overwhelming. Sometimes, the only thing that’s needed is just small steps. So here are some steps to take, that will not only bring the summer vibe into the kitchen but makes a statement in the process. Let’s start with modern bar chairs.

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When designing or redesigning the kitchen, it’s normal the house’s decor serves as a guideline. Same goes for the bar chairs and the kitchen decor. However, it’s is the best starting point when redesigning the kitchen.

Statement, Modern Bar Chairs For A Summer Bar Decor (6)

Sometimes, going for a modern, simple and contemporary design is the best way to accomplish the bar decor of your dreams. Metallic bar counter chairs in black, contrasting with a white and wooden counter and a plant in the counter can go a long way. You don’t need to go all out sometimes, but we don’t blame you if you do this Summer!

Modern bar chairs in light to dark interiors

Statement, Modern Bar Chairs For A Summer Bar Decor (2)
When working with kitchen decors on the lighter side of the spectrum. There are a few different routes to choose from. To have statements elements in the kitchen does not necessarily mean they have to loud. It’s all about the detail. An acrylic transparent bar chair is sure to make a statement when entering the kitchen. By seamlessly blending into the décor and topped off with the brass legs.

Statement, Modern Bar Chairs For A Summer Bar Decor (5)

Another way to bring that summer essence into the kitchen is by switching out those old bar chairs and replacing them with a bar chair with that has a light feel to it. Like is done here, the rostered back of the bar chairs form and shape, that form a net pattern. Even though still the bar chair is silver coloured the pillow’s pop of colour can shine through.



Statement, Modern Bar Chairs For A Summer Bar Decor (3)
Moving on, think about the colour pallet. Where in this case, a blue-white pallet never disappoints. Like the shades blue in the world’s biggest ponds *oceans. The possibilities are endless. Thus, throwing in a bar chair with blue-white pattern in an already white décor always works. But combining it with the soft texture of bamboo is gold.

Statement, Modern Bar Chairs For A Summer Bar Decor (1)

One more way to make a kitchen exude summer is by embracing playfulness the season is known for. A perfect method is experimenting with interesting shapes and colours. Geometric shapes have the ability to add a slick contrasting element to décor, but they can also add a youthful exuberance to a bar décor. Depending on how it’s used.
*just some food for thought*

Editor’s Choice

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Statement, Modern Bar Chairs For A Summer Bar Decor (4)

Lastly, the darker bar décor we have today. First, back to summer, loved for it’s outgoing, care-free and joyous nature. Translating that to an aesthetic, it becomes an open space that catches a lot of light and that’s not afraid of a few vibrant colours. Which is what is done here simple yet excellent, the modern bar chairs with an interesting shape, followed by the vibrant red that draws in that hint of Summer.

Written by Godspraise Itotoh

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