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Summer Destinations In Europe You Want To Add To Your Bucket List

Find all the best Summer destinations in Europe that you won’t be able to resist discovering!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to choose the perfect place where to travel to this year. We are ready to share with you our list of the best summer destinations in Europe that ought to be on the bucket list of every traveler! Let yourself be inspired and start feeling these summer vibes with us!

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Budapest, Hungary

Summer Destinations In Europe You Want To Add To Your Bucket List_01

Acknowledged as the best European destination 2019 by countless sources, the capital of Hungary is also the number one on our travel bucket list. Even though the so-called pearl of the Danube is still an underrated spot, the stunning city setting offers an unrivaled mix of culture, delicious gastronomy, relaxing thermal waters, and a rich architectural and historical heritage. If what you are looking for is a break from stress, Budapest will surely surprise you with its brilliant combination of elegance, charm, architectural sites, and a unique way of life.

Rhodes, Greece

Summer Destinations In Europe You Want To Add To Your Bucket List_02

Like every year, Greece remains one of the most affordable and therefore best summer destinations in Europe. In Rhodes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing sun break without giving up a discrete amount of culture. Just get a bike or a scooter and hit the island’s roads, exploring all its stunning corners and diving into the local food culture, the old town, and the history behind it! The largest of the Dodecanese Islands does not lack anything: beaches, delis, nightlife, and gorgeous nature and countryside.


Santorini, Greece

Summer Destinations In Europe You Want To Add To Your Bucket List_03

Among the best summer destinations ever for all the sunset lovers, Santorini delights its visitors with its white terraced houses overlooking the deep blue ocean. It is massively besieged by tourists throughout most of the summer because this iconic island has a lot to offer: from water- and extreme sports to delicious food and cocktails, not leaving out the magnificent coastal villages and the majestic nature that features it. Santorini will offer you everything for your epic European holiday.

Porto, Portugal

Summer Destinations In Europe You Want To Add To Your Bucket List_04

A small and cheap hidden gem on the borders of Europe, Porto has ranked among the best summer destinations in Europe thanks to its incredible mixture of culture, ocean beaches, and great food. Located in northern Portugal, it is the home town of the world famous Port wine which has been produced along the Douro valley for centuries. If what you are looking for your summer vacation is an amazing culinary experience in a stunning location, Porto certainly won’t make you regret the choice!

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Summer Destinations In Europe You Want To Add To Your Bucket List

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Summer Destinations In Europe You Want To Add To Your Bucket List_05

A jewel located in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most beautiful medieval cities, but it also boasts some amazing beaches and stunning local cuisine. If you can manage to visit it when crowds are minimum, you will easily be delighted by the unique seaside charm that features this spot. Its historic old town is surrounded by baroque buildings, ancient walls, and enchanting streets: it will be hard not to fall in love with this top summer destination.

Crete, Greece

Summer Destinations In Europe You Want To Add To Your Bucket List_06

Gorgeous pink sand beaches, traditional villages, and impressive canyons among all, are just some of the natural beauties that can be found on the magnificent island of Crete. Sited in the Mediterranean Sea, this cheap summer destination is the perfect place where to enjoy a relaxing holiday under the European sun. Hiking, caving, swimming, shopping: there is nothing you can’t do in Crete!

Thus, whether you are looking for an offbeat European summer trip or a more iconic vacation place, pack your suitcase and set off for the most beautiful corners of Europe! We hope you enjoyed these Summer destinations in Europe that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

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