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The Best Bars In San Francisco To Have A Cocktail This Summer

In San Francisco for a trip? Make sure to stop by some of the best bars in San Francisco this Summer!

Bars in San Francisco are a highlight for everyone- not only for the party people under us! With their creative looks and their special offers, you just have the urgent feeling of getting a cooling down with a freshly mixed cocktail. Be safe that the city does not burn you!

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San Francisco, the city from the picture book- ravishingly beautiful and exciting! The soft-gloved mediterane beauty fascinate amount of people with it amazing variety. Famous unbelievable bridges lined up next to beautiful hills and nature and on the other side this amazing city with most different agile, vital and colorful districts, this city has always a reason to celebrate. Of course here it is possible to find the most different kind of bars, where you can just celebrate the warm summer nights with a cocktail in your hand, music in your ears and a soft swing on your hip. From new age classics, transportive tiki bars, reinvented Barbary Coast tipples, or healthy(ish) cocktails, there’s a bar for every kind of drinker.

Come closer and have a look with us to some fancy bars in San Francisco we pick out for you.

Pacific Cocktail Haven

The Best Bars In San Francisco To Have A Cocktail This Summer





The ‘Pacific Cocktail Haven’ created by Kevin Diedrich has the intense of a neighborhood bar and should be a happy space between work and home. Here it is a joy to meet all your friends, escape from everyday life and just enjoy a cocktail with them.


The Best Bars In San Francisco To Have A Cocktail This Summer

Owned by Hilary and Gavin Newsom’s PlumpJack Group, Wildhawk is one of the most aristocratically stylized bars in the city.  Designed by the interior designer Jay Jeffers the bar is now a place for all the senses. You cannot look around without your eye is catching something flashy, weathered or textured. The different patterns of the barstools and the chairs are a good example of that. A very brave combination, but like you see it is working very good. All this brave design is inspired by Lola Montez, an exotic dancer of San Francisco’s Gold Rush days. When you enter you really feel her unique strength and exotic.

View Lounge

The Best Bars In San Francisco To Have A Cocktail This Summer

Are you ready for the most amazing view over this fascinating town? We proudly present the ‘View Lounge’ at the Marriott Marquis. The Hype around this bar is almost so high, but because of this, of course we must show it to you, too! With this huge semicircle window it is possible to see nearly every angle of this beautiful town. But that is not the only thing which is really gigantic huge, the whole restaurant at all scales  4,500 square feet to be exact. So before you go, have a long last view from the View, and hope this stunning picture will be on your mind forever!


Editors Choice The Best Bars In San Francisco To Have A Cocktail This Summer

Loren Armchair


Leo’s Oyster Bar

The Best Bars In San Francisco To Have A Cocktail This Summer

Leo’s Osytor Bar is a bar which is inspired in the great bars of the golden era of San Francisco. If you are a fan of seafood and taste this is the right dreamy place for you! With 3-star seafood you will be in your own food heaven! This flowerful surrounding is designed by Ken Fulk alum Jon de la Cruz and he got already a lot of encouragement for these interior design with earning the title of Best Designed new Restaurant from Bon Appetit as well as a nomination for the James Beard Foundation’s Best Restaurant Design award. Leo’s Oyster Bar offers luxurious, timeless experiences that have earned its place on every San Francisco hit-list.

Tonga Room

The Best Bars In San Francisco To Have A Cocktail This Summer

From a pool to a tropical paradise. Sounds strange for you? Yes, but it definitely happened!

In 1929 the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco added an indoor swimming pool on its Terrace Level, as long time it was used as a regular pool. But in 1945 Mel Melvin, one leading set director transformed it into a Tonga Room. Slowly the swimming pool turned into a lagoon and represents from there different musicians who entertaining on this floating stage. We must not say it, but even: Of course Tonga Room was an instant success, even today, it is hard to get a fancy place in it. So you better book this historical experience directly?


Editors Choice

Kelly Bar Chair

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Like you see the nightlife here cannot be called by one name. So many different bar decors and we hope that you have one day the chance to see these wonderful bars in San Francisco by yourself!

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