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The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing

Check out the best interior design projects in Beijing!

Beijing, previously known as Peking, is the capital city of the Republic of China and one of the oldest cities in the whole world. Beijing’s long and rich history has left behind an abundant historic and cultural heritage, including seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Ming TombsPeking Man Site at Zhoukoudian, and the Grand Canal. Also, Beijing is known for its interior design scene and that’s exactly what brings us here today! Here are the best interior design projects in Beijing!

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Beijing Dahu Villa by AFFD Design

The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_1

This project is a private residence of Beijing Dahu villa. The owner is an entrepreneur who has a passion for life. The house bordered by a lake on both sides has a very good view. The owner who has his own unique and profound views on life aesthetics enjoys gardening in his spare time. Therefore sunlight, air, water and plants are the four design elements that perfectly meet the owner’s needs of having an exquisite landscape indoors. There are floor-to-ceiling glass windows, unbounded gardens, wooden shelves and vines indoors. All these elements together form a peaceful and introverted daily emotion which gives the owner a sense of belonging.

Poly WeDo Education Institution by ARCHSTUDIO

The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_2

Poly WeDo is a new children’s education brand of Poly Culture Group, which aims at exploring and developing kids‘ gift and potentiality in music and improving their comprehensive art accomplishment. ARCHSTUDIO was invited to do the design for their teaching space within Yongli International Shopping Centre in Workers’ Stadium North Road, Beijing. The top issue to be solved while doing the design thinking is how to create an open, free and flexible modern teaching environment that breaks the limits of rigid structure and creates a feeling of closeness between children and the space.

Hanhua Financial Holding by Robarts Spaces

The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_3

The spacious and light-filled reception and client meeting spaces of the Hanhua Financial Holding enjoy prime views in these elegant and inviting offices, designed here to encourage guests to relax and converse, as if in a gracious living room rather than an office. Staff wellbeing is also a key design element. Workstations are placed along with the windows, while manager offices are located inboard. Casual seating is provided next to the tea point, and the south-east corner is dedicated to staff activity that is flexible for work and leisure.

Longfu Life Experience Center by LUO Studio

The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_4

Located in Puyang County, the Longfu Life Experience Centre was commissioned by an eco-farm operator engaging in property development, who required a space to target consumers chasing a green lifestyle. It was vital that it was sustainable and built from natural materials, to match his corporate identity. Given the short lifespan of typical real-estate sales centers in China, LUO Studio also set out to develop a structure that could be used in various ways, rather than limited to its primary function.


Nanjing Mandarin Palace by Steve Leung Design Group

The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_5

With a distinguished modern touch and inspiration rooted in a traditional Oriental mansion, Nanjing Mandarin Palace fully delivers the character of Nanjing as the ancient capital city of ten dynasties with a unique charm. Through the setup of “San kai san jin”, the mansion embraces a contemporary Chinese architectural style with a thoughtful spatial plan in several layers. With a beige palette and extensive use of silver travertine marble, wooden grille and black steel, the designer subtly fuses Nanjing elements with humanistic flatus presenting an ultimate luxurious home with a touch of Oriental elegance to the host.


The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_7

OH YEAH! BREWING is nestled in the center of Beijing’s business district of Guo Mao, amongst architectural landmarks such as the CCTV tower and the China World Trade Centre. With Beijing’s financial hub as its neighboring clientele, the brewery looks to attract the up-and-coming affluent Chinese who seek a relaxed yet more modern social environment. The well-traveled Chinese founder wanted to develop a new atmosphere that would challenge the hard-surfaced, grungy, industrial garages of your typical craft beer bar.

Palais de Violette by An

The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_8

Here’s an interior design of a luxury apartment located in Olympic Forest Park of Beijing, called Palais de Violette. The clients were a young entrepreneur couple working in the field of IT. The main inspiration was the waterfall and oriental garden shared on the gated complex. The couple wanted to have a stylish and cozy space, adorned with luxury pieces. This project is brought to you by An, an interior design studio established by Wang Yanwei from China and Claudia de Sousa from Portugal.

Private Residence by Meng Ye

The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_9

Meng Ye‘s design team is devoted to providing unique high-end residential spaces for the elites in China, advocating a changeable and innovative design style. In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Sanya and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, many private villa mansions and model rooms have been completed. Here’s an amazing private residence by the iconic designer that makes use of avant-garde furniture and an impressive architectural approach. What do you think? Meng Ye’s design style is changeable with each work reflecting the designer’s interpretation of “beauty” appropriately.

Yijian Cafe by Golucci Interior Architects

The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_10

Think of an easy thing, then find different ways to approach simplicity. Use the limited space to accommodate the complex emotions of simplicity, and let the space give you a special meaning during the emotional interaction. This is not just a cafe with an atmosphere, this is a multi-functional space that allows people to communicate and interact, which can meet the needs for small-scale performances, salons, exhibitions, conferences and co-working. Yijian Cafe is located on the ground floor of the NetEase Headquarters Building in Beijing, above the sunken plaza of the building. Due to the openness of the space, the sun shines through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, even in the cold winter, it is warm.

Zhima Health Concept Store by WUUX

The Best Interior Design Projects In Beijing_11

The overall space design is based on tradition and innovation, and focuses on manifestations, food, nutrition and medicine of TCM healthcare. Zhima Health is a one-stop experience store that spans the products and services of about four themes for various shopping and leisure scenes and provides online and offline spots for consumption. The store offers dietary supplements, nourishing, healthy food and even health care products that incorporate health tech, enabling customers to enjoy an immersive shopping experience in a new and comfortable social space.

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