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The First 5 Things You Should Buy When Decorating Your Dining Room

The dining room is one of the most underrated rooms in a house, often overlooked, not decorated to its full potential. No matter if you have a proper dining room or just a small corner for dining, you need this space to be functional and stylish with the rest of your home.


To help, we asked our favorite interior designers about the items everyone needs to buy for their dining spaces. Turns out, you’re just five purchases away from a dreamy dining room.

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01. Dining Table


When decorating a dining room, it’s best to start with the focal point of it: the dining table. After all, the function of the space is for dining, so start with choosing a dining table by taking in consideration your needs. There are many sizes, styles and materials available, even for customization,


02. Set Of Dining Room Chairs


“The chairs can be neutral or they can have the ‘wow’ factor,” says Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo. You can mix and match materials or colors depending on what makes sense in your space, but the most important thing is to pick dining chairs that are comfortable for you and your family to dine in.


03. Area Rug

A rug is an essential that is often overlooked, but it’s an integral part of a dining room.

“People often look at us like we’re crazy when we suggest an area rug in a dining room, but grounding the space with a floor covering is essential in a dining room,” the duo behind design firm Toledo Geller share. “It’s even more critical in an area with a wood floor and a wood dining table—there needs to be some separation between the two wood surfaces; otherwise, you have a very stark and bare setting.”


04. Sensible Storage Space

“Find a cohesive credenza, cabinet, or hutch where you can store tableware to avoid any time lost in the back and forth from the kitchen,” say Grant Fenning and Glenn Lawson, co-founders of Lawson-Fenning. This is particular great if you have a smaller space that needs a storage solution, or simply if you want to make your dining room feel more complete.


05. Light Fixture

If you love dinners with the whole family or your favorite friends, then you need the perfect lamp above your dining table. In fact, no dining room is perfect without a lighting piece. “Scale is important, so make sure the size is a good fit for the table,” says interior designer Kendall Wilkinson.

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