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The Lollipops Diner: An All-American Diner In The Heart Of Porto

If you’re looking for a truly vintage all-American diner experience in the lovely city of Porto, we got just the place for you!

When looking back at the All-American movies, television show and or plays. One place usually never fails to miss an appearance. The plays where the characters go to hang out with their friends, go on first dates, and argue about who gets play pick the next some on the jukebox. When it’s a long way from home, but Porto now has his own All-American diner, Take a Look.

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The Lollipops Diner An All-American Diner In The Heart Of Porto (8)Lollipop the All-American Diner

The Lollipops Diner An All-American Diner In The Heart Of Porto (1)

Located in the up and coming neighbourhood of Cedofeita in Porto Portugal. Close to the charming city centre of Porto, and just like the city centre, bursting with art with every turn. With mural paintings, contemporary art and art galleries on the streets just a head-turn away. It makes for the ideal pre- or -post-dinner stroll.

The Lollipops Diner An All-American Diner In The Heart Of Porto (4)

Calling the Lollipop Diner an All-American diner is more like almost an understatement. The signature style elements dating back to the 50’ and 60’. One of the most prominent style elements being the checkered patterns, from the tiles to the placemats. Also, who could forget (nobody) the infamous coca cola red-white leather chairs that like an unspoken rule integrated into almost every American diner. A rule not even the Lollipop Diner could escape from.



The Lollipops Diner An All-American Diner In The Heart Of Porto (5)

What makes the inspiration of Lollipop diner so clear, is not only the signature tiles and red leather chairs and checkered patterns* even though that does help. But things like the television, and radio privy to that time other the photographs and the subtle neon pink light that runs past route 66 and around the diner. And who could resist the 90’s tv shows playing on the TV’s? A marathon of Friends to bring back the nostalgia, anyone? We’re so in!

The Lollipops Diner An All-American Diner In The Heart Of Porto (6)

The atmosphere is set to transport the customers back to the days of Elvis and Monroe. Basking in the soft pink limelight and listening to those old time classics on the jukebox, Lollipop’s Diner manages to bring the entire vintage style to a whole other level, with incredible food (with one of the most delicious burgers in the city) and incredible colors that are so American you almost feel like you’re in a diner in Palm Springs in the 1960’s.

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The Lollipops Diner An All-American Diner In The Heart Of Porto (7)

Lastly, it’s not only their interior that gets the label of the all-American diner. Staying true to the most iconic American recipes. And the chances if you’ve heard about the dish on your favourite show, the chances are it’s already on the menu. From an all-American brunch to one of the best burgers in the city, this is a place to have a true vintage and American experience. Don’t forget to try the incredible deserts, from NY cheesecake to a chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream, as well as an incredible milkshake or banana split to go with it!

We hope you enjoyed this suggestion and make sure to drop by this incredible all-American diner that is sure to become your favorite in the city!

Written by Godspraise Itotoh

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