The Modern Bar Stools Your Christmas Home Decor Deserves

Christmas is just around the corner! Let it in with style!

Winter has arrived and with it Christmas is calling for us, which means it is time to start getting your home decor ready to receive your guests, your family and friends into your Winter Wonderland home, ready for Christmas parties and cocktails sipped cozily at your own home. Today, we are going to share with you the modern bar stools your Christmas home decor deserves!

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Russel Bar Chair

The Modern Bar Stools Your Christmas Home Decor Deserves

Russel bar chair is a sleek modern piece that would definitely come to elevate your Christmas dining room design. With its white leather and polished brass base, it’s both an elegant and sophisticated piece, bringing together your bar decor with the harmony you need this season.


Kelly Bar Chair

Golden is one of the most important colors during Christmas. It should be everywhere for your Christmas home decor! Kelly bar chair is just the right addition to your home bar during this cheerful holiday, bringing these golden tones along with sophistication, modernity and the high-quality you’re looking for.

Collins Bar Chair

If you are looking for the best vintage bar stools, then Collins by Essential Home might be just what you need. This simple bar chair was inspired by some of the biggest classics of mid-century design and the result is a stylish bar stool that will most surely spice up your Christmas time!

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