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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel

The Most Incredible Luxury Restaurants By Joyce Wang Studio

Check out some of the most luxurious restaurant decor by the amazing Joyce Wang Studio.

Joyce Wang Studio is the epitome of hospitality interior design excellence, with projects all over the world that clearly showcase the beauty and creativity Joyce Wang’s experience from different cultures has given to her life and work. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the most luxury restaurants designed by the Joyce Wang Studio.

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Kyubi, The Arts Club, London

The Most Incredible Luxury Restaurants By Joyce Wang Studio_1 (1)

In one of the most exclusive members’ club in London, The Arts Club, Joyce Wang Studio’s new project is unveiled, a restaurant mixing mid-century modern design with a modernisation of Japanese style influences from the Meiji period. Eastern and western collide in a beautiful restaurant fit for any design lover.

Mott 32, Las Vegas

The Most Incredible Luxury Restaurants By Joyce Wang Studio_2 (1)

Opulent and luxurious, this restaurant in the heart of Las Vegas features western and eastern influences colliding, celebrating its hedonistic location while playing homage to the Chinese imperialism and culture. A hint of industrial style can be seen in the details of the decor, a welcoming addition to an already stunning retaurant.

Ichu, Hong Kong

The Most Incredible Luxury Restaurants By Joyce Wang Studio_3 (1)

The restaurant’s name derives from a plant found in the Peruvian Andes that only grows in extreme conditions. Idigenous ingredients reign in the menu but that’s not the most surprising part. This restaurant’s decor draws inspiration from Peru’s landscape and features a rich color palette and furniture pieces that make this one of the best restaurants in this list.

Jin Gui, Hamburg

The Most Incredible Luxury Restaurants By Joyce Wang Studio_4 (1)

Jin Gui is located in the underbelly of the Tortue Hotel, Hamburg, and its name means golden tortoise in Chinese, a nod to the unique story of a French woman parading down this courtyard with her rare tortoise on a leash during the heyday of Stadthofe. This French woman was, in fact, the muse for this project and the decor personifies her avant-garde qualities.


Rhoda, Hong Kong

The Most Incredible Luxury Restaurants By Joyce Wang Studio_5 (1)

A neighbourhood restaurant bringing to life the character and food culture of chef Nathan Green, Rhoda has a relaxed industrial feel with copper detailsinspired by his love of hot rods and vintage car restoration. Playful, accessible, with a personal environment, it’s impossible not to love this luxury restaurant in Hong Kong.

Haymarket, Hong Kong

The Most Incredible Luxury Restaurants By Joyce Wang Studio_6 (1)

“A buffet restaurant dining and gaming hall for members at one of Hong Kong’s prestigious Jockey Clubs. The challenge was to allow for diners to be sociable yet private and to easily access the food offering at all times. A grand staircase creates a striking entrance to a cinematic scene, which feels robust and special – a venue for celebration.”

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