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These 8 Charming Wood Kitchens Are Taking Over Pinterest!

If you’re trying to get inspired by new trends this year, these wood kitchens are the perfect solution for you!

Who doesn’t love a bit of wood in their home? It’s a classic and durable material that adds plenty of personality and charm to any space. When designing your kitchen this year, keep in mind of the newest trends: wood kitchens are taking over Pinterest and every design lover’s house so might as well give it a try!

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These 8 Charming Wood Kitchens Are Taking Over Pinterest!_1

This wood kitchen is the perfect example of when mid-century meets modern. Dark wood counters, shelves and ceilings pair perfectly with modern kitchen appliances. Add some simple and minimalist patters in towels or baskets, and even an industrial light fixture, and you’ve got yourself the perfect mid-century wood kitchen!


These 8 Charming Wood Kitchens Are Taking Over Pinterest!_2

Weathered wood is also an incredible option for a kitchen and dining room space, especially when you know neutrals are a huge trend this year. This type of wood pairs perfectly with neutrals and pastels, incorporating a specific visual interest that you can only get with this material!

These 8 Charming Wood Kitchens Are Taking Over Pinterest!_3

This luxe kitchen mixes light wood that give a vintage feel with a more luxurious feel in the gray counters and black metal legs of the kitchen stools. It’s a wonderful mix between luxe and simple, creating the perfect look for a modern kitchen design.

These 8 Charming Wood Kitchens Are Taking Over Pinterest!_4

If you’ve heard of Japandi, the new trend that takes inspiration in Japanese interior design and minimalism, then you’re on the right track to have this look in your home. It’s a clean and simple design that layers different wood with chocolate brown accents to add balance and an extra touch of beauty.

These 8 Charming Wood Kitchens Are Taking Over Pinterest!_5

If you’re working with an open space, wood beams and cabinetry along with concrete countertops add texture to the kitchen, which is exactly what you should be looking for. Simple but beautiful kitchen counter stools should also be your go-to in this particular case.

These 8 Charming Wood Kitchens Are Taking Over Pinterest!_6

This kitchen mixes rustic elements with contemporary ones to reach a design that stands the test of time. A mix of wood elements, including bamboo flooring, walnut countertops, and an exposed ceiling add character to this kitchen.


These 8 Charming Wood Kitchens Are Taking Over Pinterest!_7

Light wood is always a must, especially if you have a small space to work with. It lightens up the room, providing also a modern and trendy solution for your home. MIxing it with lighter tones such as white glossy tiles or a white marble countertop gives that minimalistic vibe we all need in our lives!

These 8 Charming Wood Kitchens Are Taking Over Pinterest!_8

Black wood is also an incredible option! Not only is it modern and luxurious, but it’s also unique and glamorous, providing a touch of sophistication that is undeniable. A black counter stool if you have a kitchen island is also an amazing option!

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Now that you’ve read and loved our article on wood kitchens taking over Pinterest, feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or share them on social media. Don’t forget that you can visit our Pinterest Boards and find out the most outstanding bar stools and furniture ideas!



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