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Trend Alert: Red Dining Chairs!

The color trends for this Fall/Winter have been established. Red is looking very tempting!

There are various times of the day when we sit down to have a meal and refuel our bodies and minds. However, some meals are very important and you don’t just stand for a place to sit, but rather a wonderful one to enjoy your meal. The right dining chairs make a difference and red is all the rage now! Take a look at these red dining chairs.

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Trend Alert: Red Dining Chairs!

Every color has its own psychology. Red is a warm color associated with positiveness and our most physical needs – seems appropriate for a room exclusively used for eating! Red is as energizing as it is sophisticated, which is also very fitting of a dining room. Used properly, it is a color of power and luxury.

For this Fall/Winter season, the Pantone Color Institute issued its usual report of color trends to be aware of. In it, two very interesting shades of read can be found, them being Chili Pepper, a more vibrant hue, and Biking Red, a darker tinge.

Trend Alert: Red Dining Chairs!

On one hand, bright red hues are very bold and vibrant, bringing in power and excitement. It is a powerful color that can make a passionate statement. On the other hand, darker hues of red are just as powerful but also promote a cozy and comfortable atmosphere and a much more sophisticated ambience.

It’s really up to your personal preference or even state of mind which hue of red you prefer. Bright red is more energizing and festive, while darker red is more sophisticated and cozy. It will depend on the type of living room you’re trying to achieve. We do however have two suggestions of chairs that will fit into either preference.



Trend Alert: Red Dining Chairs!

Four solid walnut legs that sit atop copper plated feet support a velvet upholstered bright red body. This vibrant dining chair with timeless looks promises an elegant yet joyful dining room.



Trend Alert: Red Dining Chairs!

A classic retro chic feel that brings in the comfort of velvet and dark red. The elegant body is supported by glossy black legs with rich accents of polished brass. This dining chair exudes sophistication.

Do you like our suggestions for red dining chairs? Bring the positive energies of red to the table!

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