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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

Viviane: The Inspiring Californian Mid-Century Restaurant

Come meet Viviane at Avalon Hotel and be amazed by this mid-century interior design oasis.

Tucked into a private residential corner of Beverly Hills, that’s perfectly off the beaten path, is Avalon Beverly Hills and within it we can find Viviane, a mid-century restaurant with fresh perspectives on mid-century revival and modern design.

Come along with us in this journey and discover this perfect hideaway!

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Viviane @ Avalon Hotel

The Inspiring Californian Mid-Century Restaurant

In the land of perennial sunshine, we can’t help but dive into something fresh and with friendly glamour, as we are crazy for mid-century luxury design, and Viviane offers just that!

Viviane combines amazing geometric forms, playfulness with colors, wood and marble to complete the layout, all characteristics of the vintage style, with a modern interior design style, turning this mid-century restaurant into a oasis of comfort and calmness.

The Inspiring Californian Mid-Century Restaurant

In this mid-century restaurant you may choose if you want to be inside, in a more closed, blue atmosphere, or outside, by the pool, in a more fun and colourful layout.

In both parties you’ll get the calmness and freshness you may be looking for, as Viviane is not only a great place to visit for its restaurant design ideas, but also because of the feelings you get when you’re sitting there, enjoying a cold cocktail and embracing all the vibes that surround you.

The Inspiring Californian Mid-Century Restaurant

The Inspiring Californian Mid-Century Restaurant

In this Beverly Hills mid-century restaurant, the patters, shapes and colors take you into a journey through the old times. With its restaurant design ideas, Avalon Hotel was able to create an amazing layout that brings piece into our soul and love into our heart.

Even though inside you aren’t as close to the pool, and are enclosed by the walls, you still feel surrounded by water because of the shapes and blueish tones in this mid-century interior design . This allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable to enjoy your eclectic meal in this Beverly Hills paradise.

The Inspiring Californian Mid-Century Restaurant

The Inspiring Californian Mid-Century Restaurant

The Inspiring Californian Mid-Century Restaurant

Outside, by the pool, even tho you are surrounded by the water and other tables, you can get a little more privacy, in this mid-century restaurant, thanks to the colorful walls that create little spaces that can even be completely closed with curtains to enjoy your meal in a more peaceful and private area.

Viviane is an amazing place to get inspired, with its restaurant decor ideas, as the way this Beverly Hills restaurant is layed out, with the red, yellow, white and blue tones, mixed with the solid wood is very eye catching and really transmits the mid-century vibes.

This is the end of our journey through Viviane interior design and I think we can all agree that this mid-century restaurant is really well done, as we really get the atmosphere they were going for with their decor and design ideas.

We hope you found this article interesting and it got you curious about this mid-century modern restaurant in Beverly Hills. Make sure to share with us your thoughts and if you know any more amazing places like this, comment bellow what you saw and how it made you feel, we’d love to know!

All Photos © Avalon Hotel website and Instagram

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