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2019 Interior Design Trends From Top Luxury Brands

Want to find out the next interior design trends for your dining room, kitchen and bar? We’ve got them all right here!

Every new season is a new opportunity to enjoy new and every time more luxurious trends that will breathtaking you. We all know that every interior design lover seeks the opportunity to have more trends to fill their home and interior design projects with. So maybe this is the best time for you to feel absolutely inspired by 2019 interior design trends brought to you by the best luxury brands.

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Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler, a NorthAmerican designer, is the face behind one of the best luxury brands in the world. Known for handling many commercial and residential projects, his furniture has revamped spaces like the Parker Palm Springs Hotel, the former Merv Griffin’s Resort and Givenchy spa. Besides that, he has also participated in interior design projects such as 225 Rector Place and Abington House.

Gold accents – 1948 Dinnerware

2019 Interior Design Trends From Top Luxury Brands_1

Setting trends, Jonathan Adler uses Gold Accents, the latest interior design trend for 2019, to redecorate his home accessories. Who wouldn’t love to have a golden touch at the table? 1948 Dinnerware is a chic and classic porcelain dinnerware on a generous scale and a friendly coupe shape with a surprising splatter of solid gold.



Metallic trends – Talitha Waterfall Console

Brass and Gold are your go-to metals at the moment. The adventurous ways theses finishes are being used is the reason behind the focus on this trend that dominates this space. This is a trend that goes well on everything and in every space: on your bathroom, in the kitchen, the living room or even on your entryway. And thinking on that, Jonathan Adler has created Talitha Waterfall Console with a hand-stamped nickel-plated metal on wood and with a high gloss lacquer coating it.

2019 Interior Design Trends From Top Luxury Brands_2

The high-stamped patterns applied to a minimalist and modernist form are what truly distinguishes this luxury piece of furniture. Its surface is reminiscent of a silver leaf, which emits an exquisite lustrous glow. Besides the precious materials that are part of it, as expected, this console is extremely durable – or wasn’t it made by the luxury brand it is. Talitha Waterfall Console will give that extra glamour to your entryway or a bit of twinkly glamour behind a sofa perfect for your downtown loft.

Thomas O’Brien

Thomas O’Brien is the founder of Aero Studios, one of the leading company in what concerns interior design. The interior designer is known for taking on modern and transform it into a warm and more livable style. Thomas O’Brien is a big fan of the practical and that is notorious on every single project he embraces: whether it’s a private residence or a commercial property – even his product designs show his practical side. His sense of the modern comes from filtering together elements from different historical origins in combinations that can, at a first sight, seem unlikely – but that you can no longer live without after you are introduced to them.

2019 Interior Design Trends From Top Luxury Brands_4

2019 Interior Design Trends From Top Luxury Brands_5

Showing his most practical side, but setting the biggest interior design trends as well, Thomas O’Brien is the author of the Modern Beach House, marked by wood elements, a summer watercolour palette, natural modern materials and soft and weathered finishes.

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Marmol Radziner

Marmol Radziner was firstly recognized for its award-winning historic restoration of Richard Neutra’s 1946 Kaufmann House in Palm Springs. Additional among their works are restorations of works by Cliff May, Rudolph Schindler, and John Lautner. At the moment they create projects that connect them with the surrounding environments, and that takes a warm, textured approach to modernism that is elegant but also timeless.

2019 Interior Design Trends From Top Luxury Brands_6

Big open spaces: that’s the major trend followed by Marmol Radziner in his in-progress project Quay Tower. How did they make it? Big windows surrounding all the apartment, a neutral palette – with just a small pop of colour. Besides that, Marmol Radziner had also incorporated in the interiors marble – an obligatory element for any one that wants to be in vogue in what concerns interior design trends this year.

We hope you enjoyed these interior design trends fit for your kitchen, dining room and bar that will turn your life around in 2019!

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