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5 Bar Chairs That Will Change Your Summer Decor

Love bar decor? So do we! Let us show you our top 5 bar chairs for this Summer!

Who do not love bar chairs? It is a feeling of informality and openness, here you have that deep feeling of connecting with each other but in a light way of it. The summer month are lighten up every mood, give your connection a hot push with these beautiful bar chairs! Just enjoy your drink after a hard day, eat a meal or only a tidbit and whenever you want you can jump off it and go dancing and just be in the moment.

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The basket classic

5 Bar Chairs That Will Change Your Summer Decor

Basket classic, can be found in many feel-good rooms, and represent a great highlight, especially in the summer months. Through his different braids, he stands out artistically again and again in a different look and captivates his lovers with his versatility. Its wickerwork radiates a lightness that suits every room.


The soft one

5 Bar Chairs That Will Change Your Summer Decor

Totally trendy: velvet in a variety of colors. For bars that are decorated in a consistent color palette, trendy and contrasting seating bar stools are a hit! With their velvet facing and bright colors, they refresh every environment and attract a lot of attention. In addition, they act as excellent color partners to other highlights in the room.

The Adaptive

5 Bar Chairs That Will Change Your Summer Decor

It adapts perfectly to his surroundings. His elegant restraint allows precedence for other highlights, which does not mean that he is not an eye-catcher itself. With its square shape, it can be comfortably seated at the bar and you yourself will be carried by it with gentle dedication – a noble gentleman who knows how to really get into the spotlight. Here he plays a dedicated accompanist of the gold elements in this stunning bar scene.

The Wooden One

5 Bar Chairs That Will Change Your Summer Decor

Wood. Probably in every home a good way to get on the track of nature, and also in the interior to take part of this beauty. Very simple and yet strong comes this bar stool, therefore. With its narrow brass legs, it gets a certain dancing lightness, the shape of the legs are reminiscent of a tire skirt and exude a feminine touch. Contrary to this, the seat appears from a continuous solid wooden disc. You can really integrate these bar chairs into any environment. Especially combined with a lot of white it gives a fresh summery look.


The little black one

5 Bar Chairs That Will Change Your Summer Decor

Of course, everyone knows it. But it is not for nothing that the little black has become that famous. An always chic, no matter with which combination. Even as a bar stool, a small black is a hit, even in the summer. Especially because of its black restraint, the environment around it is not forbidden and every interior designer has thousands of possibilities left open. How about, for example, the combination of wood and pastel colors, and the hard black is not that hard anymore.

We hope you enjoyed these bar chairs, but make sure to find more mid-century furniture and lighting pieces at Essential Home and DelightFULL.

written by Lena Meißner

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