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5 Simple Tips On How To Create The Ultimate Home Bar Design

The home bar is a great entertaining area when you throw your fabulous dinner parties, so make sure the decor is right on point. Working on a new interior design project and don’t know what else to do with your home bar? Check out our 5 tips on how to create your own trendy bar design!

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If you have either a large living room or are simply looking to update your dining room decor, then one of the best ideas you can think about is to create your own home bar. First of all, it will create a bohemian and mid-century vibe in your home decor, and then it will certainly upgrade your interior design. We hope that these home bar ideas surely will make your life easier and more stylish!

5 Tips on How to Create The Ultimate Home Bar

A home bar is supposedly that corner of your home where you can unwind and relax after a long day at work. It should not only be a functional space, but it should also be appealing and reflective of who you are. A small space such as the one shown above that stars the iconic Kelly bar chair can easily be put together! Let’s see which are the other design pieces you need for your design project?


1. Get the Right Bar Table

5 Tips on How to Create The Ultimate Home Bar

Janis is a pub table inspired by mid-century modern design. Crafted from Green Guatemala marble and a solid polished brass leg, it is supported by a round marble base and its green tone adds a timeless look to the table, that can be used as a home bar table, on living space or a vintage cocktail party.


2. Find the perfect bar stool

5 Tips on How to Create The Ultimate Home Bar

Russel bar chair delves into space-age aesthetics, being produced in creamy velvet fabrics mixed with polished brass. The base is round and swivels 360 degrees, providing comfort through the foot rail. Adorn your dining room or your incredible home bar project with a sophisticated design piece that incorporates all of the mid-century elements.


3. Lighting is key!

5 Tips on How to Create The Ultimate Home Bar

Galliano pendant light by DelightFULL is ideal for a variety of residential and commercial applications including industrial kitchens, living rooms, home bars, and restaurants. The Galliano pendant lamp features a modern, sleek design that will complement the decor in any interior design setting.


4. Get a cabinet to store your bottles and glasses

5 Tips on How to Create The Ultimate Home Bar

The Monocles tall cabinet is both a stylish and functional piece of mid-century modern furniture. It blends mid-century charm with a contemporary design style, featuring tapered legs with brass ferrules and a body built in solid walnut wood, both sides and back have engraved circles. This can be the perfect complement to your trendy home bar project!

5. Don’t forget to accessorize!

5 Tips on How to Create The Ultimate Home Bar

Miranda is a fanciful and gold-colored pineapple table lamp. Formed in the shape of a classic pineapple, long a classic symbol in decorative arts and architecture, it also means welcome and hospitality. Finished in gold plated brass, Miranda is a unique brass table lamp that you simply can’t miss having on your home decor, especially in your home bar design.


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