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5 Unexpected Ways to Use a Modern Bar Chair in Your Home Decor

Bar chairs and stools are much more than just that. If you’re an interior designer and are currently working on a hospitality project, you know you can use them on bar counters, for example. However, when talking about private home decor, things can be a little different. So, here are five different ways to make a modern bar chair work in your home decor!

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Kitchen counter

This idea goes for basically everyone! Whether you have a big or a small home, chances of you having a kitchen counter are very high! And the best way to style them is to add a few modern bar chairs to the mix. You’ll get a comfortable place to have breakfast in the morning and a focal place in case you have an open plan living/kitchen area.

5 Ways to Make a Modern Bar Chair Work in Your Home Decor_1

Home bar counter

If you have a dining room, or a living room big enough to have a home bar, don’t think twice. Just go for it! If you have a considerably large bar counter in your dining room, get three or four bar chairs/stools to make it look more comfortable. If you can, go with a couple of high quality, handmade bar chairs. They will last more years and they will automatically make your home decor look more expensive.

5 Ways to Make a Modern Bar Chair Work in Your Home Decor_1

Outdoor pub table

Great if you have a big house and love to entertain your friends and family! If you love throwing parties, and sunsets in your own (massive) backyard, make sure you have a few pub tables around so people can put down their drinks. For the ultimate comfortable experience, get a couple of bar chairs for each table!

5 Ways to Make a Modern Bar Chair Work in Your Home Decor_3

Plant stand

Yes… You can use a bar stool as a plant stand. If you go with a more industrial, minimalist bar stool you can get a sleek plant stand for your foyer, or living room. We personally love this idea, showcasing how you can be creative with your own home decor and make it look unique!

5 Ways to Make a Modern Bar Chair Work in Your Home Decor_3

Photo © Kirklands

Side table

Our last idea is probably the most unexpected of them all. Again, would you choose to go with a more industrial look for your home decor, you could use a classic loft bar stool as a simple side table. This would look amazing in your living room, or in your man cave!

7 Swivel Bar Stools That Will Make Your Head Go Round_5

Photo © Kirklands

–> Get more creative ideas on man caves! <–

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