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AD Top 200 Influencers: The Most Iconic Names On The List

AD Top 200 Influencers celebrates the greatest names in the design world.

On AD Germany’s 200th issue celebration, the design magazine decided to compile a list of the top 200 influencers that changed the world of design. Today, we take a look at AD Top 200 Influencers and go over some of the most iconic names on the list that changed the very definition of design.

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AD Top 200 Influencers The Most Iconic Names On The List_1 (1)

AD Top 200 Influencers arrives to celebrate the best designers that changed how we perceive the world, the ones that are able to bring uniqueness and a touch of their own personality into their work, marking it with their name that will never be forgotten. Here’s some of the most iconic names that you need to keep an eye out for.

Sebastian Herkner

AD Top 200 Influencers_ Let's Celebrate Unique Design!_1 (1)

This year’s Maison et Objet designer of the year, Sebastian Herkner was probably one of the names that had to be in this list. Founder of Offenbach am Main based studio in 2006 and skilled in the conceptualizing and producing unique furniture, lighting and textiles, as well as spaces and installations, he’s one of the big names of the design world and one that can’t be forgotten.

Karl Lagerfeld

AD Top 200 Influencers_ Let's Celebrate Unique Design!_2

One of the most influential designers in the world, Karl Lagerfeld was well-versed in multiple areas, although most well-know for his role as head designer of famous brand Chanel. He then also developed his own brand Karl Lagerfeld and had a deep seeded love for photography.


Patricia Urquiola

AD Top 200 Influencers_ Let's Celebrate Unique Design!_3 (1)

Awarded with the gold medal of fine arts, named designer of the decade for German magazines “home” and “hauser”, and gracing the list of Designer of the year for multiple magazines, is the incredible Patricia Urquiola, leaving an undeniable mark on the world of design and in our hearts.

Emily Henderson

AD Top 200 Influencers_ Let's Celebrate Unique Design!_4 (1)

After years of styling for catalogues and magazines, she started her design blogs in 2010 because of her strong commitment to peel back the intimidating layers of the home decor. Winner the HGTV design star in the process, going on to host her own tv-show “ the secrets from a stylist”, author the book “styled” and creator of the design firm Emily Henderson Design, she’s certainly one of the greatest influencers in the design world.

Pierre Yovanovitch

AD Top 200 Influencers_ Let's Celebrate Unique Design!_5 (1)

Extreme luxury tempered by a restrained, purist sensitivity defines the “Made in France” signature of interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch whose projects stand out for their refined sense of architectural scale over ostentation and fickle design trends.

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