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Boho-Chic Interior Design Tips + Best Deals!

Unconventional, artistic and authentic. Did I just described the style you’re looking for? If so keep up with the best boho-chic interior design tips!

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Boho-chic style is eclectic and gets inspired in ethnic, bohemians, travelers and vintage pieces from the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s. We can say that boho-chic look is about breaking the rules of interior design, it’s not so much about matching the elements but about blending them to create that authenthic, artistic and unconventional look.


If you’re a free spirit soul and a rule breaker, boho-chic style is definitely the one that will fit your house the best. You can go ALL IN, you can mix patterns, colors and textures. And if you’re thinking it will be a mess, you’re actually right, it will be an incredible and unique mess if the elements are blended right!

Boho-Chic Interior Design Tips + Best Deals!

A boho-chic interior design is full of global accents. Its history is based on travelers, wandering artists, bohèmians, who would bring a little bit of the culture of each place they went to. It could be Buddha statues, moroccan rugs or lanterns, tribal sculptures and so on. The truth is each place on earth has its symbols and its culture and how cool would it be if we mix everything we like about all the cultures we know and create a beautiful and special interior design?

If you’re wondering which kind of  furniture should you use on a Boho-chic style, the answer is actually really simple, go vintage! This look is inspired in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, that’s why you should look for some mid-century  modern pieces. To help you out with that I’ll leave you with the best deals!

To build up a boho-chic space you also need to think about it being comfortable and cosy, place some floor cushions and poufs, lots of pillows, pattern rugs. Think about creating a space that encourages conversation, a place where your friends would feel like home and feel comfortable with, where you can play the guitar, read and relax.

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