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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

Get the Best French Antiques to Style your House!

Are you passionate about French interior décor but it’s hard to find the right elements to get THAT look? Antiques are an easy way to achieve it, do you want to know why and how?! Allez!

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There’s no doubt that antiques are the best way to give a classic yet stylish and intemporal look to your house. But it’s not only that, it brings some sense of history, soul and an enigmatic vibe. We may consider antiques elements of decoration with more than one hundred years and vintage elements with more than twenty years. I think it would be quite extraordinary (or terrifying, depending on the perspective) if such objects could talk, imagine the stories they could tell us!


Anyway, in this article, you’ll not only see how to style your house with antiques but also where to find such amazing elements. It will be like bringing the past to the present and turn it into something new and completely amazing. Come along!

Antiques can be found in inumerous places such as:

  • Retail Antique Stores
  • Markets
  • Second hand Stores or Brocante Stores
  • Garage sales
  • Internet

Get the Best French Antiques to Style your House!

If you find something that you completely love, bring it on, you will definetely find a place for it in your house.

Get the Best French Antiques to Style your House!

Antique furniture doesn’t need to be the center of attention of the room, however can subtly add a certain character. Layering older elements with new designs is certainly one of the more interesting ways to embrace antiques in your home. It’s actually really easy to add some antique elements in your modern decor, check for yourself below ⬇️




Glamour is a major pillar of French interiors, that’s why we usally see a touch of gold in every french interior design and (of course), art. Art is an essential element,hanging over a fireplace, over the couch or in the hall or anywhere you want actually, but don’t forget to add some painting to your interior design.

By now I think you already got the idea that antiques are a must-have for every sophisticated home. It’s an investment you will not regret about, believe me!

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