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Gold Bar Decor Pieces Perfect For A Chic Summer

Gold is life – we know! One of the most charming colors, we present you now gold bar decor pieces perfect for a chic Summer!

Gold bar decor, if seen, you’ll be impressed. And if owned, feeling accomplished comes with the territory of *“the, I have my life together”. Nevertheless, striking the perfect balance is key, and we live to serve. And because this Summer is all about the striking colors, the fresh materials, the stunning pieces, we’re showing you some of the best gold bar decor pieces for your home bar this hot season you won’t forget!

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Gold Bar Decor Pieces Perfect For A Chic Summer (2)

The shiny, yellow-like, metallic substance. An entity, so intoxicating it has incited more than one folk, fairy and seaman’s tale, and more than one man’s gone to bat for. Guessing the mysterious substance in questions is in fact gold isn’t hard *I hope, because title kind of gives it away. Among other things making a comeback, gold is making its comeback. Frankly, it’s everlasting elegance, sophistication and warmth, are hard to keep down for too long. With all the different hues of gold, there’re many ways to spruce up a bar decor. Let’s explore some chic golden bar decors, together.


Gold Bar Decor

Gold Bar Decor Pieces Perfect For A Chic Summer (4)

The brightest and purest of the bunch. The bright sparkly yellow gold known from those childhood movies like Aladdin with his golden bars. This material needs to be handled with care. Even though it’s practically the symbol of sophistication, overusing it has the very opposite effect. Needless to say, no one decorates with the aim of getting “tacky” as a response.

Gold Bar Decor Pieces Perfect For A Chic Summer (7)

A colour scheme that complements gold is always the base. While accentuating what you already have should be the goal. This can be done by choosing bar chairs with golden legs, or a minimalist golden lamp. Also, strategically place bowl make a good fit.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to mix metals. Infusing these magnificent golds with brushed nickels, and rich coppers into the decor scene only elevates it more.

*Note be mindful of the space. A smaller space might benefit if only one of the suggestions is implemented.

Editor’s Choice

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Rose Gold Bar Decor

Gold Bar Decor Pieces Perfect For A Chic Summer (1)
Next up, Rose gold. The name gives it away, this pinker counterpart of gold made its splash in 2018 but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten about it. Using a rose gold bar décor has a slightly softer look than the gold does. Giving you more leniency and the freedom to add more rose gold elements. Without risking the integrity of the design.

Brass Bar Decor

Gold Bar Decor Pieces Perfect For A Chic Summer (5)
Though it’s not technically gold, it has grown to be part almost of the golden family. The reason why is that is shares a lot of the visual characteristic as gold. Which means it’s possible to achieve a gold bar decor look, without purchasing it. while still maintaining the rich and sophisticated feel. A bar cart is a prime example of what to try out.

Written by Godspraise Itotoh

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