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Home Bar Decor: Turn Your Boring Living Room Corner Around!

Back with the best home bar decor ideas, today we are sharing a few ideas on how you can turn your boring living room corner decor into a welcoming bar area.

Decorating room corners can be a difficult task. Even decorators sometimes have a hard time choosing the right elements to make said corner feel welcoming and not a dark spot in your living room. One of the cheeriest ways to do that is by getting yourself a bar area! Check below a few home bar decor ideas, and how you can make that boring corner disappear from your living room forever.

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How do you feel about bar wall decor? Here at Bar Stools Furniture we absolutely love it, because a home bar is much more than just a cart filled with drinks a few decorative items around it. It’s important that your wall decor matches the theme.

Below, a nice vintage ‘bar’ sign makes it clear this is the bar area, while the two small frames beside it add a fun twist to the living room corner.

Home Bar Decor Turn Your Boring Living Room Corner Around!_1

You can also get funny with it! There are tons of fun framed prints you can buy only, if you’re not up for some DIY. This ‘Call me old fashioned’ frame is both clever, and funny, making it perfect for your home bar wall.

Home Bar Decor Turn Your Boring Living Room Corner Around!_1

Going back to the ground, once your rolling bar cart is set, you might find the need to have some other kind of support around it. This handmade brass stool also serves as a handy side table, perfect to hold a decorative plant, or even an ice bucket when you’re serving up cocktails.

Home Bar Decor Turn Your Boring Living Room Corner Around!_1

If you’re looking for something a little bit more permanent, wallpapers can definitely be your best friends. Although they can stay on your walls for years, most of them are also easy to remove once you’re ready for another renovation. This geometric-patterned wallpaper goes incredibly well with gold bar carts.

Home Bar Decor Turn Your Boring Living Room Corner Around!_1

Lastly, and if you are looking to make your living room corner a little bit more private, get a folding screen! You can run it whenever you need to entertain guests and want to serve them a few of your cocktails, or you can let it stay put and keep the mystery of what lies behind the mid-century screen.

Home Bar Decor Turn Your Boring Living Room Corner Around!_1

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