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Kitchen Trends For Fall/Winter 2019

What’s on the menu for this Fall/Winter? Style. The seasonal ingredients are trendy.

This year marked the end of many trends, but also the birth of various new ones. In 2019,  sustainability awareness came to a boil, people acquired a taste for the comfortable, the genderless and the feminine, and there was also a dash of more patterns and colors. So many ingredients! Today, we are starving for style so we cooked this article to show you some kitchen trends expected for this Fall/Winter season.

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Kitchen Trends For Fall/Winter 2019

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is where meals are prepared and even consumed. The kitchen is where we go to refuel our bodies, minds, and souls. Naturally, it is a very necessary and functional space, but functional spaces also need to be pleasant to the eye. No one wants to spend hours cooking and eating meals in an area that doesn’t feel quite right.

This year some kitchen interior design trends have been established. We will show some of the ones we think will be important for this Fall/Winter season.

Storage: concealed or out in the open?

It’s really up to you! 2019 is seeing a trend in both styles and perhaps you can even mix them up a little. Mixing styles in a manner that makes sense is always a good way to give some more depth to your compositions in whichever room you’re working on. Bear in mind, however, that both options are used for different things.

Kitchen Trends For Fall/Winter 2019

On one hand, concealed storage is being used as a way to hide kitchen appliances, promoting the clean integration of appliances into your kitchen and maximizing minimalism – funny how you can put those two words together! No longer do appliances have to be sticking out everywhere. Seamless looks are the new face of kitchen luxury.

Kitchen Trends For Fall/Winter 2019

On the other hand, open shelving is being used as a solution that takes advantage of the free spaces that walls are in order to store non-perishable ingredients and kitchen accessories. Replacing upper cabinets with open shelving made of wood or metal can go the opposite way and forgo minimalism by letting everything out in plain sight. It is, however, very functional and can be quite beautiful if organized properly.

Vintage vibes and rustic accents

Probably in line with the growing sustainability awareness and valuing craftsmanship, the vintage and the rustic are becoming increasingly common kitchen trends.

The vintage vibes come mostly from furniture that takes you back a few decades, like kitchen counter stools, or certain details such as vintage-inspired fixtures and lighting. Statement appliances, which can often be quite vintage in looks, are also staring to be in vogue, contradicting the concealed storage trend.

Kitchen Trends For Fall/Winter 2019

The rustic accents might come from the usage of materials such as raw stone on the walls, for example. Wood is also a material that invokes a deep connection with nature and is a timeless choice to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Kitchen Trends For Fall/Winter 2019

For both these vibes, free standing kitchen islands, either custom build or antique pieces, can promote a more airy and open kitchen while also providing a functional space.

Too white

Many people seem to be steering away from white cabinetry and coming close to dark or colored options. Dark cabinetry feels more classy especially with a matte finish. The other option is colored cabinetry with more bold tinges. Both options provide either a classy or a joyful kitchen when paired with fixtures and hardware in brass or other contrasting metals.

Kitchen Trends For Fall/Winter 2019

Do you like these trends? Choosing the right ingredients to make a modern kitchen is not so hard with so many options. Create your own kitchen trends menu!

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