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Luxury White Dining Rooms That Leave You In Awe!

White dining rooms have been the rage for a while now, mostly seen in Scandinavian designs, as well as minimalistic and modern décors. Now, what makes these styles fall in love with these white décors? Venture through these stunning white dining rooms and discover the reason yourself.

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White dining rooms or better yet, white rooms, have the ability to make a room feel bigger than it actually is. Due to the fact that white is not actually a colour, but merely a reflection of light bouncing back from all the colours combined. The key feature being light. If you like manipulating light and playing with contrast while designing, a white dining room is right up your alley.

Luxury White Dining Rooms That Leave You In Awe! (8)

They say in order to create the perfect balance in a black and white décor is to use the 70% rule. This means you make sure that 70% of the room remains white. Whereas the remaining 30% gets filled in with “black” or darker colours.

Luxury White Dining Rooms That Leave You In Awe!
Something this dining room has fully understood. Besides being the minimalist’s dream, this dining room shows you how stunning black and white contrast can be with effortless ease. The black suspended lamps dangling above the black dining table. Accompanied by dark wooden dining chairs, show you, you don’t need a lot, in order to create a stunning dining room.

Editor’s Choice


Luxury White Dining Rooms That Leave You In Awe!

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of space, but on the other hand, sometimes you really do. And something we will never tire from is high ceilings. This spacious dining room utilizes the space with such grace. From the big black suspended lamps, all in different sizes and on different heights. With a yellow light inside that provides a warm hue and a tiny pop of colour. To the simple black table and chairs with legs that seamlessly blend into the area rug. A prime example of beauty in simplicity.


Luxury White Dining Rooms That Leave You In Awe!

The next white dining room understands you don’t need much in order to make a lasting impression. This minimalistic white dining room does two things that make it stand out. The first one being, the black mat lamps. The geometric shapes catch your eye and make the white dining room visually more appealing. And the second smart decision being, continuing the interesting geometric patterns in the legs if the chair. As a result, creating a minimalistic dining room that just makes you smile.

Luxury White Dining Rooms That Leave You In Awe!

Creating a white dining room that is thought-provoking without over embellishing is a skill. A skill that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Yet is displayed here beautifully. The *ginormous lamps with the equally impressive painting in the background, made possible by the gorgeous high ceilings. Perfectly goes with the impressive dark wood table and the dining chairs that alternate between the same material as the lamps and solid greys.

What makes this white dining room so striking, is the abundance of natural light. And the thought process behind it you can’t help but appreciate.

Editor’s Choice

Luxury White Dining Rooms That Leave You In Awe!

Lastly, what makes this white dining room so intriguing besides the gorgeous high ceilings, elegant lamp suspensions, and sleek dining chairs, is the pop of colour. While not actually using green in the décor, the wide and strategically placed window, not only brings in more natural light. But also allows the greenery from outside to shine through.

As you can see it’s all about well thought out decisions when It comes to white minimalistic dining rooms. Less is more. Never forget.


Written by Godspraise Itotoh 

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