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Moodboards Trends: Green Forest Color Scheme

There is a wide number of new and exciting trends in the world of design and color schemes for home decor, fashion and so on. Today, we’re taking a look at a very special moodboard for the rich green forest, the personification of nature, renewal and energy. Let’s see what green forest has to offer us in 2019.

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Moodboards Trends: Green Forest Color Scheme

2019 is the year of color. It’s time for bolder, richer, stronger colors that will cause an impact. The need for natural materials, for the connection to nature, will be present throughout the year, and we’re sure this color will appear just as much, following these trends. It’s a color that brings the feeling of adventure, of tropical summer nights, of the  deep, rich, green of the forest. Who isn’t obsessed with this new 2019 trend?

Green forest takes us back to the wonderful world of nature, of rich and natural materials, of incredible environments and biodiversity. It will also be a trend to use natural materials in design, especially when it comes to furniture pieces in modern homes in 2019, so green forest appears as a blessing, a way to incorporate even more of nature into home decor, or even in fashion, architecture or art.

Moodboards Trends_ Green Forest Color Scheme_1

In the world of fashion, green forest is everywhere, not only as the rich color it is, but in tropical/nature patterns. The connection to the environment and nature will be a big deal this year, so we’re expecting to see a lot of natural materials with the ever so present forest green. Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier and Haider Ackerman are some of the names that joined in on this incredible trend.

Moodboards Trends_ Green Forest Color Scheme_4


Moodboards Trends_ Green Forest Color Scheme_3

When it comes to art, this color is easily introduced not only in paintings for your home, but also in fashion magazine covers, appearing to become one of the strongest calling cards of this year.

Moodboards Trends_ Green Forest Color Scheme_5

Add green forest to your home decor in wallpaper with a tropical pattern or through incredible furniture pieces that bring this stunning color to life in velvet or leather, both with such identity that it’s impossible to resist it. Two armchairs using the same trend but with a charm of their own, Grace and Bogarde bring green forest in their own charming way.


Moodboards Trends_ Green Forest Color Scheme_5

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