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Neutral Dining Room Decor To Tune Down To Tranquility

After last year’s edgy colors, it is time to tune down a bit.

Last year was all about edgy color palettes. Now, we’re tuning down to calmness through darker tones and warmer hues. Our hurrying lifestyles deserve some tranquility, so let’s create a neutral dining room and enjoy the most peaceful meals.

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Neutral Dining Room Decor To Tune Down To Tranquility

In stark contrast with some of last year’s trends, 2019 has taken on a different path. The way is now towards a more mindful approach to counterbalance with our hasty lifestyles. This is now done through the usage and even development of darker and warmer shades, which not only provide a more neutral ambience but are also quite versatile.

Most of us lead lives that are too hasty: constant rush to work, constant rush back home. The little time we have left in our days has to be used to relax. Wouldn’t you like to have dinner in a dining room that is more comfortable than it is edgy? You don’t need vibrant energies after a long work day. You will want to refuel your body and mind in a relaxing setting. That’s where neutral colors step in.

Neutral Dining Room Decor To Tune Down To Tranquility

A neutral dining room should be characterized by tones that are darker and warm. Despite neutrality being a key factor, be weary that even neutrality has its rules. After all, an all-neutral dining room can be very dull. We highlight two very important rules to stand by:

No. 1 – Darker doesn’t mean dark

Neutral colors might be darker but of course this shouldn’t translate to an actually dark room, but rather one where colors are richer yet peaceful. These hues are generally quite versatile and prized by their ability to convey peaceful energies, promoting a relaxing ambience. Some examples of such colors could be shades of olive greens, misty blues, refreshing aqua tones, soft terracottas, and rosy neutrals.

Mid-century Dining Chairs For Your Fall Dining RoomNeutral Dining Room Decor To Tune Down To Tranquility

No. 2 – Splashes of color

To taking relaxing to the point that makes you bored, you will need occasional splashes of colors to liven up your room. Not too much, of course. Reserve these strategic accents of color to specific details. A good way to do this is to add pops of colors is through accessories – choose hues that go well with each other. Different colorways are also a fantastic way to make for an engaging and charming setup in a neutral-based ambience. Finally, rich bronze accents in furniture or accessories make a great job of livening up a room by bringing in some light.Pantone Fall Colors For Your Fall Dining RoomNeutral Dining Room Decor To Tune Down To Tranquility

There is one final rule when creating a neutral dining room: to understand that it is possible to be neutral without being boring. Have fun redecorating!

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