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The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home The Art of Mid-century New Pieces Essential Home

Our Top Picks Of Modern Kitchen Interior Designs

If you ask us what makes a home, we will for sure say it’s the kitchen!

Often times neglected, the kitchen space is one of the most important rooms in your home and it should be treated as such, with attention to detail, function and style. But fear not! We will show you our top picks of modern kitchen interior designs to inspire you to replicate in your own home.

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Kitchen interiors are truly a masterpiece to behold, especially when we’re talking about the modern style we see in most houses nowadays. No matter the color palette, being it bold or simply black and white, we get the best inspiration from modern kitchen interior designs.

Our Top Picks Of Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Photo © Archello

This clean and sleek design is typical of this style. It provides us with a sense of freedom, a feeling-good vibe, even when simply using black, white and wood, with touches of metal.  The stools have a somewhat mid-century inspiration in its design and we can’t get over the marble wall that harmonizes with the white counters.

Our Top Picks Of Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Photo © Pinterest

It’s not easy to create a statement kitchen with its main colors to be black, pink and wood. But that’s exactly what this design manages to do: create an harmonic, stylish and modern design out of simple and very different elements. The wooden tables and chairs have a different design from the kitchen counters that are more modern but it works perfectly in this kitchen.

Our Top Picks Of Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Photo © Instagram

These amazing stools are definitely the perfect choice for this kitchen design. The marble is yet again a good option when you are searching for ways to escalate the interior design of your kitchen. You can never go wrong with it! With a golden brass lighting piece, you’ll get an amazing modern kitchen.

Editor’s Choice

Our Top Picks Of Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Collins bar chair is the perfect chair for a kitchen counter or a home bar, with its crescent open back and sleek mid-century modern lines. It is not only a statement for your kitchen but also a luxurious and glamorous piece of furniture.

Our Top Picks Of Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Photo © Contemporist

How about achieving that pastel modern look that brings color and life into a kitchen? Just choose a pastel color and the spots you want to insert it in, like counter or even the wall, floor or in a lighting piece, and combine it all together with different materials such as the metal and wood. Add a white color here and there to brighten up the space, and that certainly looks stunning with a pastel color, and you get the look you are searching for!

Our Top Picks Of Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Photo © Pinterest

The marble is a trendy material to use in a kitchen, and definitely one that should be taken in consideration. You can innovate, even when using a material that is so used worldwide, by adding a wooden floor or polished brass stools by the counter. A lighting piece that is a statement in a kitchen, such as the example of a suspension lamp, is another essential when creating your kitchen design.

Hope you were able to draw inspiration from this article and make sure to leave us your ideas or modern kitchen interior designs you like in the comments. Get creative and make your kitchen the best place in the house!

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