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Pantone Fall Colors For Your Fall Dining Room

Welcome Fall into your dining room with the Pantone Fall Colors report!

Fall is a colder season, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Under your roof you can still have through-the-roof decor. Today, we will give you some ideas on how to apply Pantone fall colors into your soon very trendy autumnal living room.

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Pantone Fall Colors For Your Fall Dining Room

Changes in the coloring of foliage happen as the result of chemical processes which take place as the seasons change. If you’re an interior design enthusiast, then your dining room might not be so different. New seasons call for new decor and Fall is no exception.

I find that this is the season in which the importance of color is strongest. When we think of Fall we think of all those beautiful tinges spread around everywhere by falling leaves. Those colors can (and should) definitely be brought inside your house through new furniture and decor.

Fall brings spectacular displays of rich hues of orange, yellow, red, and more! Accordingly, Pantone has already released its report for Fall/Winter Color Trends. Based on it, please take a look at some dining room ideas and set the table for the most recent fall color trends. And, of course, you can expect a little mid-century style!

The Pantone colors I’m keeping in mind for this article are Biking Red, Dark Cheddar, Eden, Orange Tiger and Rocky Road.


Rule 1: Make it cozy

Fall is colder. Cold asks for blankets. You get the idea.

Your final composition must evoke the sense of coziness that you need after coming back home from a working day out in the cold! This is the first thing to keep in mind. You may now proceed.

Pantone Fall Colors For Your Fall Dining RoomThe Walls

The basis for a cozy setup is, in my humble opinion, a darker – and I mean darker, not dark – color that serves as the basis for a nice composition which you will liven up with other colors. Darker hues of yellow, red, green, orange, or even grey, would be perfect for this.

Pantone Fall Colors For Your Fall Dining Room


The Furniture

Mid-century style furniture goes well in any modern dining set and can be quite cozy. Opt for well-cushioned dining chairs and pieces that use wood in their construction. If not, wood-like shapes can also work quite well. Velvet upholstery is also very good to create a sense of comfort. And don’t forget that the colors must stand out from the walls, but also go well with them.

Pantone Fall Colors For Your Fall Dining Room

The Accessories

This is where you can add more splashes of color, though in line with the rest of your composition. Good autumnal accessories could be foliage motifs, in both shape and pattern, small floral arrangements, brass candlesticks, faux fur (super cozy, though not very good for dining rooms), woody touches… there are all sorts of whimsical dining room accents that you can use. Even fruits! Real or false, I hear pumpkins and pomegranates are quite trendy for Fall decor.

Pantone Fall Colors For Your Fall Dining Room

Pantone Fall Colors For Your Fall Dining RoomAn Idea

So here’s an idea that I had:

Imagine a dining room with a dark green hue (Eden) tinge on the walls. On it, a round dining table, made of wood or wood-shaped brass (golden, then – Dark Cheddar). This table is accompanied and complimented by chairs of a rounder shape, upholstered in a dark red velvet (Biking Red) inviting some tempting warmth into the room. On top of the table, a dining cloth with floral or foliage motifs, vintage plates, and brass candlesticks. As a centerpiece, a flower arrangement with woody accents (Rocky Road), or even fruits such as red apples and pomegranates (Biking Red and Chili Pepper). The fireplace nearby could be decorated with foliage mantles (Eden) and somewhere in the room you should definitely find a place for a pumpkin (Orange Tiger). The windows are shielded by curtains of plaid pattern and, finally, bellow the table is a round rug, since the table is also round, that complements all the rest with its pattern or color.

Of course, that’s just an idea. Create your own inspired by Pantone fall colors and welcome Fall into your home with open arms. Make sure you leave some room for your visitors, too.

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