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Secrets from Portugal: Cultural Secrets, Luxury Hotels and More

Come discover the wonder of Portugal cultural secrets, events, places you can’t miss and much more with CovetED Magazine’s new collector’s edition

Always on top of the hottest news, in Secrets from Portugal you’ll find what makes this warm by the sea country even warmer, as beautiful beaches and sunny weather isn’t all this historical country has to offer!

In this special edition, which is available both in Portuguese and English, CovetED aims to show the world the prestige and quality of design and craftsmanship in Portugal.

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In Secrets from Portugal, there is the care to show the best there is in this peaceful country, with all the luxury and refine that we adore and want to share with you!

This new edition of CovetED Magazine, can work as a help guide if you’re interested in visiting the country but don’t really know what to do or see once you get there, as it will show you the best of the best or at least sparkle interest to visit this wonderfuly warm country of conquerors.

Secrets from Portugal: Cultural Secrets, Luxury Hotels and MoreMany people, when they hear the name “Portugal”, the first think that comes to mind is Cristiano Ronaldo…. but we say “NO MORE!” to that!

In Secrets from Portugal, you’ll find out that Portugal is so much more then just a football player, as the country has years of rich history and culture, providing it with amazing architecture and thanks to the “by the sea” location, the country has amazing landscapes that will make you fall in love.

Secrets from Portugal: Cultural Secrets, Luxury Hotels and More

Secrets from Portugal wants to make the luxury portuguese design and craftsmanship stand out, show the world that there is so much to see but you’ll also gain when traveling to Portugal, as portuguese people are warm and welcoming, as their weather, and their hard work reflects years of cultural secrets, which you’ll be able to find out in this new edition!

Secrets from Portugal: Cultural Secrets, Luxury Hotels and More

But that’s not all. In Secrets from Portugal you’ll get to know some of the best locations, events in Portugal that you won’t want to miss and also some tips on coffee shops, cocktail bars in Portugal where you can chill in an amazing atmosphere, surrounded by enchanting architecture, monuments to die for and much more.

Secrets from Portugal: Cultural Secrets, Luxury Hotels and More
Photo © Majestic Café

And now you think… “Well that seems fun, but where should I stay at while visiting?”

Secrets from Portugal got your back and in this special collector’s edition, you’ll also be able to find out the best luxury hotels in Portugal, historical hotels or even better luxury historical one’s where you can get all you want in just one place!

Secrets from Portugal: Cultural Secrets, Luxury Hotels and More

Check out the video below to find out more, share your thoughts about the country in the comments bellow, discover this enchanted “by the sea” country and it’s luxury design and craftsmanship with Secrets from Portugal from CovetED Magazine, and fall in love with the portuguese culture!

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