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Take Your S.O. to One of the Most Romantic Restaurants in London

If you’re in London with your S.O. around the 14th of February, you will want to try one of these most romantic restaurants in London out.

If you happen to be one of those couples who enjoy spending some quality time on the 14th of February – Valentine’s Day, if you will – we might have something for you. While London is usually not referred to as the city of love, much like Paris, it is definitely one of the most stunning capitals in Europe. So, if you either live in London, or happen to be spending a couple of days in the city, take some time to check out the most romantic restaurants in London, and make your Valentine’s Day dinner unforgettable…

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Blanchette East

Take Your S.O. to One of the Most Romantic Restaurants in London_1

Blanchette East is a lovely looking bistro that mixes classic decor elements with some other retro features that are now trendy. According to Time Out, “this Shoreditch spin-off of popular Soho hangout Blanchette doesn’t take itself too seriously.” As a place to grab a bite, you can think of Blanchette as a typical bistro with some North African, Provençal and Basque twists. The plates are the perfect size to share, making this a great place for your Valentine’s Day dinner.


Bob Bob Ricard

Take Your S.O. to One of the Most Romantic Restaurants in London_1

Photo © Paul Winch-Furness for Bob Bob Ricard

With an unforgettable interior, Bob Bob Ricard mixes the best of both worlds: a stunning bar area and a restaurant room that makes you wish you’d dine there every night. In each boo, h you can find a lovely 1920s inspired detail, such as ‘press for champagne’ buzzers! The menu is filled with Russian and European inspired dishes, so expect platinum vodka shots chilled to -18ºC in between the starters!

Claude’s Kitchen

Take Your S.O. to One of the Most Romantic Restaurants in London _3

Photo © Time Out

One of the best things about Claude’s Kitchen is its weekly-changing menu, 100% though by the owner, Claude Compton, who trained in kitchens like Club Gascon and Petersham Nurseries. Not only does this gorgeous restaurant has great food, but it also boasts great service, which makes it the right setting for a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner…

Clos Maggiore

Take Your S.O. to One of the Most Romantic Restaurants in London _3

Photo © Standard

Fancy restaurants in London don’t get much better – or more good-looking – than this. Clos Maggiore has one of the most romantic settings to dine in London, so if you manage to get a reservation, don’t even think twice. If you’re going to Clos Maggiore, expect to find amazing food, as well a decor filled with fairy lights, candles and a comfortable fireplace.


Take Your S.O. to One of the Most Romantic Restaurants in London_5

Photo © Sushisamba

Sushisamba? Yes, you are in for a mix of Japanese, Brazilian (and Peruvian) combo! With an over-the-top restaurant decor, the breathtaking views of Sushisamba at the 38th floor of Heron Tower are two properties that make dining at Sushisamba very much worth it.


Galvin Bistrot de Luxe

Take Your S.O. to One of the Most Romantic Restaurants in London_6

Photo © Time Out

Last, but not the least, Galvin Bistrot de Luxe is a polished and classic bistro that will not fail you, will you choose it as the place for your Valentine’s dinner. Trust us when we tell you that it is one of the most romantic restaurants in London! Better than that, only Galvin’s menu, filled with classic French dishes such as veloutés, soufflés, purées, as well as some Italian delicacies (risottos, lasagnas, pannacotas…). 

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day dinner, and have fun w/ your S.O on one of these most romantic restaurants in London.

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Editor’s Note: all the restaurants featured in this post were all chosen by Time Out, and you can check the full list here.
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