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These White Bar Stools Don’t Seem to Get Out of Our Heads!

Summer’s here, and so are the long warm nights when all we want to do is find the best rooftop bar in town and spend some quality time with friends.

But when you get there, you eventually find that there is nowhere to sit or (worse!) there are only a couple of tough stools where you can’t spend more than five minutes sitting uncomfortably. And if you’re in the interior design business, you know how important comfort and quality are to make a great first impression. So, here are a few of our current favorite white bar stools which literally everyone will want to take home with them!

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Let’s start our list with a few vintage-inspired white bar stools. Here seen in a hospitality context, these white and blue stools prove their versatility, as they would look just as good in a minimalist, scandinavian white kitchen.

These White Bar Stools Don't Seem to Get Out of Our Heads!_3

Sleek and comfortable, Gable is a white swivel bar stool perfect for vintage-inspired restaurants and bars. The seat is upholstered in white velvet, contrasting with the polished brass base. Remember to get the foot rest in brushed brass if you don’t want to ruin the shiny finish of your bar stool!

These White Bar Stools Don't Seem to Get Out of Our Heads!_1

If the previous white stool was almost right but not quite what you were looking for your project, then Russel bar chair might be it. With an arched back and a polished brass base, Russel by Essential Home will most certainly sponsor very comfortable evenings in your favorite bar downtown!

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These White Bar Stools Don't Seem to Get Out of Our Heads!_2

Designed by acclaimed product designer Philippe Starck in collaboration with Eugeni Quitllet, Master bar chair boasts a minimalist design that reminds us of the early mid-century works of Arne Jacobsen and other masters of the mid-century modern style. Definitely an outstanding white bar chair!

These White Bar Stools Don't Seem to Get Out of Our Heads!_3

Karoo by furniture brand Brabbu is a white bar stool inspired by a semi-desert in South Africa. Its classic design makes it the perfect chair for a traditional restaurant or classic bar downtown. One thing is for certain, it is as comfortable as it looks!

These White Bar Stools Don't Seem to Get Out of Our Heads!_3

Our last current obsession are these minimalist white and almost white wood bar stools. They look very scandinavian, which is always a plus if you are planning a simple and contemporary space. They are also a great option for modern kitchens, as they can be great white counter height stools as well!

These White Bar Stools Don't Seem to Get Out of Our Heads!_3

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