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Wander New York With Us In Search Of The Newest Design Trends

New York state of mind: discover the newest design trends with us!

Straight from one of the design hubs of the world, we dive deep into the culture and beauty of New York city, the street fashion and the incredible architecture, to discover some of the newest design trends the city has to offer! Come with us on this journey through New York and get on the latest furniture and interior design trends that will blow your mind!

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Wander New York With Us In Search Of The Newest Design Trends_1 (1)

The cosmopolitan life in New York is one that every design lover wishes they could experience. People from all over the world want to live the bubbly and avant-garde lifestyle of the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. It’s exactly in this city that we find the incredible architecture, interior design and fashion that will inherently inspire the world.

Today, we show how the buzzing city of New York has inspired incredible design trends.

Wander New York With Us In Search Of The Newest Design Trends_2

The color yellow is everywhere, from the iconic New York taxis to the incredible street fashion. With Summer rapidly taking over the city and the street art causing an impact on every citizen or visitor, the Big Apple inspires pieces like the best seller Kelly Bar Chair, striking with its gold features and stunning design.

Wander New York With Us In Search Of The Newest Design Trends_3

Influencer Jeanette Madsen teaches us plenty when it comes to New York street fashion in all its mighty charm and bright colors, but we can also take inspiration from some of the most iconic buildings in architecture history, the incredible Grand Central Station. Ellen dining chair is born from a mix of the two: bright colors and design excellence, the best of both worlds.

Wander New York With Us In Search Of The Newest Design Trends_4

Central Park is the lung of NYC, a stunning park surrounded by the mightiness of the city. Amidst all the lights and colors, the street fashion brings us an incredible peek of the fabrics, colors and shapes that inspire interior design and furniture all over the world. In this case, Gable bar chair in a stunning purple velvet is one of the biggest examples of how New York inspires design trends.

Wander New York With Us In Search Of The Newest Design Trends_5

The roughness of the NYC subway stations is a sure contrast with the modern and luxurious city bars and restaurants: polished interior designs versus raw subway tracks. This contrast between night and day, luxury and raw vintage, is what inspires pieces like Janis bar table in all its gold brass and gree marble goodness.

Wander New York With Us In Search Of The Newest Design Trends_6

Showcasing the best of white furniture and design, Russel bar chair gives us a touch of modern with vintage, a piece of history in the present, leather meets brass. This piece could very well be a part of some of the best luxury bars in NYC, showcasing perfectly the American design and spirit.

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