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What Makes The Perfect Bar Stool For Your Home?

The perfect bar stool is waiting for you… but are you sure you know how to find it?

There’s something special about sitting on your bar chair, taking a sip of your favorite cocktail as the sun sets in the horizon and you’re enjoying the company of friends or family. But a bar stool can make or break your bar experience, so it’s important to pick the perfect one. Come with us on this journey through the elements of a perfect bar stool for any home, restaurant or bar.

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If you want to find the perfect bar stool, here’s the main elements you should search for that will ensure you to find the bar stool of your dreams.

A Back

What Makes The Perfect Bar Stool For Your Home_1
Russel Bar Chairs

The reason you want to hang around in a bar, sipping a cocktail with your best friend or companion, is due to the comfort of sitting back against a velvet or leather back, enjoying the ambiance to the maximum. If your bar stool doesn’t have a back, it will most likely not awaken any desire in you to sit on it for a while and simply relax. There is nothing like true comfort mixed with style when it comes to interior design.

Comfortable Seat

What Makes The Perfect Bar Stool For Your Home_2
Collins Bar Chairs

Comfort is always an important aspect of furniture pieces, isn’t it? A functional, stylish and comfortable piece is always the perfect combination, and comfort invites you to stay a few minutes more. A cushioned seat and back are always extra points for a more perfect bar stool.

A Feet Rest

What Makes The Perfect Bar Stool For Your Home_3
Kelly Bar Chairs

Not every one is tall, not everyone can reach the ground of a bar stool comfortably when standing up, and that’s why a foot rest is such an important part of a bar stool. It makes a huge impact in terms of comfort as well, and there are so many beautiful bar stool designs that make the most of this space to add even more impact to the overall design of the piece.


What Makes The Perfect Bar Stool For Your Home_4
Paris interior design project with Essential Home

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a bar stool is definitely it’s stability. A bar stool should be a sturdy piece that allows you to feel relaxed, instead of a ticking bomb that has you on the edge of your seat, wondering if one scoot will make it tip over. Stability is a big deal and should not be overlooked.


What Makes The Perfect Bar Stool For Your Home_5
Russel Bar Chair

You have comfort, you have stability, but what about style? An inviting bar stool is one that makes heads turn, one that will grab attention, that will be unique, stylish, creative, elegant – picking the perfect bar stool means picking the perfect style for your home.

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