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Your Favorite Mid-Century Modern Magazine Is Finally Here!

The 3rd edition of Twist Magazine is finally free for download. Get yours now!

Following two very successful editions of your favorite mid-century modern magazineTwist returns for a 3rd edition just as the end of the year is near, to provide you with news from the design world, trends, favorites, events to come in 2019, and other exciting topics that you need to see for yourself! Scroll down to know more and download your copy right now!

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Twist Magazine was born with a simple and lovely purpose: to bring back the best of mid-century design. With every edition published, we discover that the love for mid-century modern never dies out. As more and more people are interested in finding out everything about the design world, we offer more exciting content in this latest edition of your favorite mid-century magazine!

Your Favorite Mid-Century Modern Magazine Is Finally Here!


This 3rd edition of Twist Magazine focuses on all you need to know about design for this Christmas and for the new year of 2019. If you’re looking for inspiration and all the trends and mood boards you could possibly need for 2019, you’ve come to the right place!

When it comes to Winter trends, we couldn’t disappoint you either, could we? As this edition of Twist is released in November, we are aware Winter is upon us and Christmas is knocking on all of our doors, so we bring you the best color trends for Winter and, of course, for 2019. We’ve got you covered!

To ensure you stay smart and entertained this Christmas, we also have a selection of Christmas classics and even design podcasts for you to catch up not only on your movie collection, but also on any news in the world of design. What more could you ask for in this festive end of 2018?


Twist Magazine is also ready to take you around the world, to the best destinations, museums, restaurants, hotels and even Christmas markets around the world to visit with your family. Essential Home is your company anywhere you go!

There is so much more to find out in this edition of Twist Magazine! Of course we couldn’t tell you everything, but we know this sneak peek will be enough to get you excited and inspired, so hurry up and download this 3rd edition of Twist – you won’t regret it!

Get ready for an amazing edition of your favorite mid-century magazine with a twist!

Twist Magazine is already online and waiting for you to download it. So sit back and enjoy the amazing content this edition has to offer you.

Click here to download the 3rd Edition of your favorite mid-century magazine.

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