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4 New Pieces By Studiopepe You’ll Need In Your Dining Room Decor

Have you seen Studiopepe’s new collection? These 4 new pieces are exactly what you need in your dining room right now!

Studiopepe launched their new furniture collection with Essential Home, two design forces coming together to take over the design world! In this new collection, we found 4 incredible furniture pieces that are just perfect for a mid-century or contemporary lover’s dining room.

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4 New Pieces By Studiopepe You'll Need In Your Dining Room Decor_2

Studiopepe’s mid-century design ideas truly redefine the furniture design world as we know it, thanks to their unique ideas. The Italian designers share a deep passion with Italian architecture, design and high-craftsmanship culture, and during their creative journey to Portugal, with all of its iconic buildings, architecture landmarks, unique art and exquisite high craftsmanship culture, they found a brand-new scene of inspiration that made them feel at home.

4 New Pieces By Studiopepe You'll Need In Your Dining Room Decor_1

This incredible mid-century furniture collection has some stunning pieces that we’re definitely going to recommend for your dining room decor! If you’re yet to take a look at this incredible collection, then this is the exclusive article you need to read!

HENRY – Chair

4 New Pieces By Studiopepe You'll Need In Your Dining Room Decor_3

Inspired by the most iconic Italian architecture landmarks, the high-end Henry dining chair design is based on beautiful round shapes. The three-legged upholstered chairs are handmade in solid wood and with soft, velvet upholstery. Although it only features three legs, unlike most chair designs, Henry provides stability to your interior design. It is the perfect way to add a modern twist to your interior room project, while keeping things comfortable.

ISADORA – Dining Chair

4 New Pieces By Studiopepe You'll Need In Your Dining Room Decor_4

If you’re looking for an artistic furniture piece to match your luxury design project that has its own artistic personality, then Isadora is the piece you need for your decor. The upholstered dining chair by the Italian designers of Studiopepe is characterized by a symmetrical design, embellished with brass details. All in all, this bespoke dining chair combines the best of luxury design with a modern twist, exactly what you need to bring an exquisite touch to your home décor.

EZRA – Dining Table

4 New Pieces By Studiopepe You'll Need In Your Dining Room Decor_5

The Ezra Dining Table might be one of the most unique pieces in Studiopepe’s collection for Essential Home. The mid-century modern dining table was drawn from a combination of straight lines and circumferences, redefining the limits of physics and opening the world’s design horizon. The wooden structure is highlighted by the brass profiles, and it is finished with a unique top handcrafted in solid wood with a polished brass edge. Although it features an unusual base, Ezra is one stylish and stable dining table.

DUNCAN – Sideboard

4 New Pieces By Studiopepe You'll Need In Your Dining Room Decor_6

Beauty and craftsmanship come together to provide you with a piece that will bring the 60s charm to the present. The curved lateral metal structures of the Duncan sideboard support and hug the body of the cabinet, which is characterized by the geometric texture of the wood. High-quality materials and incredible craftsmanship skills make this an exceptional design piece you will need in your next design project or your home.


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