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5 Top Restaurant Design Trends In 2019

Come see what’s been hot in 2019 restaurant design trends!

People’s tastes are not just about food. The eyes also need their visual meals, so stunning restaurant designs are sure to bring more guests to an establishment. From the organization of the space to how the colors of the decor influence the guests, restaurant design is almost as important as the meal itself. Read on to know about the restaurant design trends that have been spicing things up in 2019!

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5 Top Restaurant Design Trends In 2019

From the communal concept to the incorporation of local art, restaurants should strive to create an inviting social atmosphere that allows customers to enjoy, linger, and come back again. Eating out is not just about the food, but also the social experience you get from it. The more pleasant the restaurant is, the more likely the customer is to return. A warm and inviting dining area encourages interaction and keeps consumers coming back for more!


1 – Communal eating

5 Top Restaurant Design Trends In 2019

Offering open tables and shared spaces amongst strangers creates a unique social atmosphere perfect for those looking to engage with both the food and each other.

2 – Open Kitchen

5 Top Restaurant Design Trends In 2019

With a rise in demand for more food transparency in restaurants, customers want to see, hear, and smell food the minute they step through your restaurant’s doors as a part of the overall dining experience.


3 – Hygge

5 Top Restaurant Design Trends In 2019

Some restaurants are attempting to make their dining spaces feel more cozy, inviting, and hygge by using candles, warm and rustic elements, and comfortable furniture.

4 – Local art

5 Top Restaurant Design Trends In 2019

Whether it’s paintings, photographs, sculptures, or lighting fixtures, more and more restaurants are looking to connect with their community members by showcasing local talent and designs.


5 – Plants and green spaces

5 Top Restaurant Design Trends In 2019

Many owners are choosing to use greenery and live plants as part of their restaurant interior design to reinforce the feeling of vibrancy and health that you get from their food.

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